A couple videos training our black headed caique parrot, Zoe, to poop in the toilet. She even says “Go poop” hahaha!

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    • Rebeca Jatahy


    • Julie Lecarme

      Hi! Can i ask you a question? How did you manage to potty train her? I have 2 lovely caiques since a week or 2 and it would be very helpful if they can go on demand. 🙂

    • Drew Cohen

      Really, Really stupid! NEVER teach over an open toilet. Bird can easily fall in, panic, and drown in seconds.All it takes is one time. Very reckless. You can teach a bird to "vacation" on a designated wastecan, which is obviously far safer.

    • Alexis Jones

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    • Silly Caiques

      Yay Zoe, you are very smart!!!!

    • Pam

      oh my gosh so smart and so cute! I love hearing her say go poop, go poop LOL 😅. thank you for sharing this with everyone 😊

    • Jaroslav Záruba

      i want a treat too… do you have a P.O.Box?

    • Tony Di Giovanni

      make a recording and playback often

    • Harpreet Singh

      My caique has started whistling now. He is 7 months old. Anything I should be doing to encourage him to speak words?

    • Daman

      What treat do you give?

    • Sciz Graffiti

      Hey guys! You should get more vids out there!

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