15 replies to "Yes, caiques are as loud and playful as you hear!! And a HANDFUL!!!"

    • Those eyes

      Where are you located? Do you know where I can purchase one?

    • Maria Evans

      I love ❤️ mango 🥭!¡!!!!🤗🇬🇧

    • Maria Evans

      They are so wonderful 🥰,,such a wonderful owner and home!!!!!🤗🇬🇧

    • Frank Avery


    • Belle

      When they are in their cages are they normally kind of quiet? Like I don’t mind some screams but is it constant like 2 hours straight?

    • Kiswani

      My one caique is loud af and that’s too much for me, how do you do you handle that

    • laFenice

      Hello! New subscriber here, I have a couple of yellow headed caiques not hand raised.
      Slowly slowly they started getting trust e coming close to me.
      They are happy, playful and quite a characters..you can see when you say "no" to them about something they show their disappointment!
      Thet know how to protest! 😀
      Saluti from Italy!

    • Leyla Demir

      Hello, which country are you from?

    • Dan Loeb

      I love birds

    • Samantha Morris

      They look so happy and comfortable with you. Absolutely precious ❤

    • j w

      Do caique's fly or like to climb more ?

    • Stellaluv 3737

      obsessed!!!!! they all are soo precious!!! I have one white bellied lil guy named Kiko aka "Chicken" hehe! he was a rescue and when i got him he was dying of liver disease… he has made a full recovery and is the happiest 3yr old boy💚🧡💛🦜

    • Filippo Guidi

      They are so beautiful.

    • Khondker Rifat Hossain

      Awesome 👌

    • TommyInnit

      Hey how do you stop your birds to scream like demons in the mornings?

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