Widget the white bellied caique has been a project bird for a while now and has made SO MUCH progress here with us on her screaming and ability to learn. She has even started a molt and began losing those pesky clipped feathers! Hopefully we see updates on her from her new family and how well she is fitting in with them. In this video she had a bit of a trial stay with a friend of mine, and did so well I felt really confident about how she would do with the transition even though I couldn’t be there.

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    25 replies to "Widget The Caique Goes To Her FOREVER Home"

    • Sara

      Your daughter lives the best life 😂😍

    • shanique joe

      Idk looks like Capri might end up asking for a Caique for Xmas

    • Zippy S

      My ring neck is not is so good

    • Richard Adams

      I admire how you can have the strength to do this, though I'm sure it's still not easy. I'd get too attached.

    • Stinkin.

      off topic but-

      the kitchen is amazing omg

    • Kimberley Kemmer

      1. I think Widget has convinced me to get a caique.

      2. I love your daughter so fricken much, what a wonderful person she is.

    • SunSkittles

      Hi! I recently met a galah, and fell in love with them, i really want to buy one but have watched a lot of videos not recommending them, do you know of any galah sized birds that are known to have a little bit of a nicer nature? Also are female galahs nicer than males?

    • mollymallows

      I have a female indian ringneck parakeet, she is free flight trained but she tends to be aggressive. I know that ringnecks tend to be quite aggressive but I really want her to bond with my cockatiel, because its quite hard to let them out the cage at the same time because my ringnecks keeps on attacking my cockatiel when they are near each other, any tips?. Thanks!

    • Rosalind ROSSITER

      You have been a great Mum for Widget. Hope she does well in her new home.

    • Stevoski's club

      Cute also what can I use instead of a clicker

    • Gabby Roca

      I know you might not see this but I have a question. I’m getting a bird soon I had one before it was a budgie I didn’t really know anything about birds until I did research and watched you channel. I’m planning on getting a green cheek conure I know that’s a big change I am prepared for everything training, food, the behavior they have. I’m just wondering if I shouldn’t get a green cheek even though I feel prepared getting one. I would’ve got a cockteil but I know they have a lot of dander and I have minor allergies that get triggered fast. And advice?

    • Simon L

      aww Capri hugging Widget is so wholesome

    • Tori Lebanoff

      Hi Jamieleigh! If you see this, bit of a tangent question, but I noticed you painted your kitchen cabinets at some point. Any tips on how to do this safely with birds? Been wanting to, but putting it off for fear of harming our lil green-cheek!

    • meg's utube

      Capri always get attached to the smaller birds. Blueberry loves Capri.

    • Catherine Fraser

      The joy and the sorrow of fostering. It is both rewarding and sad. You are so generous with your time and training.

    • Leah Cargile-Matteson

      i will miss you widget . i also have a question i got 2 dig metal bowl when i put them in the cage i realized that its to big so i had an idea of putting clean rocks in the bottom of the dish i wanted to ask you guys first

    • Flying Fox1

      Hi, I have a question. I’ve heard that slow blinking to an animal means friendliness and trust. Does it count te same for birds?

    • Melissa Rueb

      Atleast he /her is going to go to a good home

    • Wild Wilderness

      I was wandering what kind of cages you have and where did you get them and there cost

    • ローリーのミロクちゃん

      Very talented🦜💕

    • Nichole Young

      I'm wondering how Capri does with these project birds and having to say goodbye? I would think she gets very attached, and then they have to leave. How do you handle this with her?

    • Little Midwest Reborns & Dolls

      I'm glad she has a new home. I know it has to be hard to let them go though. She'll be a great bird because of your training. Good luck, Widget!!

    • Marie McGrath

      Everyone has done a wonderful job with Widget, a gorgeous bird. The new owners are very lucky.

    • Peepsicle

      How is Blueberry so calm around bigger birds? I have an adorable blue budgie who is so WEIRD around my other bird (parrotlet), I think he feels threatened or jealous or something, so he constantly acts aggressive and spazzy with the parrotlet.

    • Suzy Kendall Osborne

      I love your videos, but just one note – I can’t have audio on with your videos because you crinkle bags so often, it makes my bird scream and go nuts and then attack and bite. I just thought you might want to know that and, if you care at all, edit that out. I know I’m not the only one with a bird who is super triggered by crinkle sounds. I never ever keep anything in crinkly bags around my birds, unless I WANT to upset them

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