Every bird likes to preen after a bath. Apollo thought he’s help out his little sis. What a loving big bro.

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    30 replies to "Why's Soleil So Wet"

    • JustCallMeMoof

      “Hey how you doin young mama lemme whisper in your ear. Tell you some you might like to hear”

    • Jarrod Zarr

      It's crazy how disciplined he is. Hes got like one and a half times body size or so on the girls, yet hes so delicate and controlled with his preening.

      I cant help but marvel at how intelligent these beautiful creatures are any time I watch these videos 😯

    • Kara 9859

      Apollo has a beautiful friend!!!

    • Phoenician Prince

      Apollo is quite gentle with Soleil! 🐦🤩

    • BobBlackMesa

      If you don't mind me asking, how do you get the grey to be friendly with the smaller ones, mine can't seem to get along with any smaller birds

    • Richard Adams

      Apollo: a pet who has a pet….

    • philippa h

      Awwwwwww, is Apollo grooming Soleil?

    • Yvonne Marshall

      Apollo sooo cute ❤️ And soleil cute ❤️

    • Buzzcutbob

      "you taste like bird"

    • Crimson Dynamo

      He’s trying his best

    • EliteFourFay

      Soleil… What an amazing name

    • ok

      Quirkiness of Apollo and soleil in 4K 📽️🎥

    • Alexander Westphal

      What is he even trying to do lol birds are so funny

    • Absolute Chad

      Apollo got that rizz

    • popcorn ( ͡ ͜ʖ ͡ )

      Isn't that the bird that went "suck *sussy noises*" about three times 😳

    • María Rey

      I love how Apollo is so gentle with the girls😍🐦🐦🐦

    • Faye Brown

      Apollo: "Touch."
      Touching the other two birds on their heads is how Apollo learned that "touch" is NOT "smack." He "learned his own strength," when one of the other birds "told him off" for not being "soft" with the touch.

    • shinxy

      Oh god i am late.. They are still cute and floofy as usual!❤

    • Zebra_Ecstasy

      Probably from that amazing tongue work Appolo has

    • GemsOfLilyheart-WSP

      When they're wet like this it's so cute! I have a sun conure and when she bathes herself, she looks like a wet little mango lol she hates it when I call her a mango tho

    • Anna Banana

      Aaaw his tongue is soooo cute 👅💕

    • Thebruhinator

      So uhh we still not gonna talk about “Suck (SJHHFJFJJTKJAHHUXHHHXHHHHSSHHGGZHXGGXHX)”

    • RyuuTheFrog

      he's so gentle 🙂

    • LASHK001

      What a good big brother!

    • MrZelegor

      If Apollo was saying "Glass" by licking Soleil, i would fall off the chair by laughing.

    • d S. M.

      f r e s h w a t e r ✨

    • Arnaldo M.B.

      Yes now I drink water from my sister head.. Apollo probably 😂

    • Meadow

      Awwwwwwww, 💕

    • Kerrie Thompson

      He's preening her! So sweet@

    • Pepperoni Milkshake

      Apollo took "Pour Water" too seriously. Now he's feeling ashamed and wants to clean Soleil

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