Who would make a good friend for your Caique parrot?
I always say that getting the same species is the best match; parrots relate to each other in ways that are more intimate when they are the same species. Nevertheless, sometimes different species bond too.

If you were thinking about a Green-cheek Conure, a Senegal or a Quaker, which someone asked about, which would make a good match?

Caiques aren’t easy. They are super energetic and more social than most other parrots in the sense that they can bond with more friends than just their mate. This means that a bonded Green-cheek may not relate to a Caique and their strong personalities could clash.

A Quaker could be a good match, if they aren’t too small, because they too are super social and relate with more than one mate – or at least they nest as a community.

Senegals are pretty aloof and chill. They aren’t as touching and feeling-oriented, so a Caique may annoy them when they try to touch and connect.

My Golden Conure clicked with my Caique – in the video you can see them bonding by acting like they are going to feed each other. Unfortunately, a Golden Conure is about twice the price of a Caique!

Mission: Help you create a blissful bond with your parrot- reducing the need for parrot rescues.

Finding Bliss for you and your parents through diet, bonding and understanding more about a parrot’s world.
Parrots are my bliss! I currently have 21 species and have had several others too. I love learning about them and have experts that I talk to when I want to learn something about them to avoid contradictory or incorrect information.
As the author of “The Parrot Bliss Bond,” I love and welcome questions about having a parrot and creating one of the best experiences of your life!
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    5 replies to "Who Makes A Good Caique Friend? Green-cheek? Senegal? Quaker? #Parrot_Bliss #caiqueparrot"

    • badoor al- holibi

      I have caique and green cheek conure …they love each other 😍 they sleep together and they do everything together except came the food caique dont love sharing 😑 and fun fact : my caique is chill more than green cheek conure . my green cheek conure always imitate the behaviour and over it ( she is such a drama queen )

    • Nick Bailey

      My jendays are quite playful they roll around on their backs a lot and play fight

    • Jan Kelley

      I’m very fortunate. My flock of caiques do get along. They have established a pecking order but it is variable. Since they are little wack jobs they are often too much for most people. Mine are happy and naughty. They truly don’t stop. And, they get into everything. Maybe my husband and I are a little crazy but we adore our flock. I would strongly suggest having two of the same or one white bellied and one black headed. They truly complement each other.😀

    • Tara Hunter

      I love watching videos of caiques, they are absolutely hilarious,but I am not cut out for that level of energy. I know my limits. Lol

    • Dirk Busche

      I think Caiques are Keas for the handbag. They have the same attitude and curiosity, but not the strength to destruct your home in one afternoon. I love them, but descided they are not a good choice for first time parrot owners (so I went with Jardins *lol*).
      kisses back from my Jardins 😉

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