Orange Headed/White Belly Caiques are amazing medium sized parrots that are best described as the Clown of the Bird world. There are many viral videos of these birds that makes so many people want to get one despite their high care demands. Despite that, they make great pets, but are Caiques the right parrot for you?

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    12 replies to "White Bellied Caique, The Best Pet Parrot?"

    • Five's A Flock with Coro

      Caique owners reply below! What has been your experience owning one?

    • Janis Cordita

      Finally the truth about these Flying Pterodactyls!! I have 2 and they require sooo much time and money.. it’s almost like having kids.. also there is a time of year when families try to “reHome” them because they realize how vicious the caiques bite are and the mood swings of these birds..

    • Keith Lamarre

      When are you going to do African Greys?

    • Molana Rumi

      caique's are not birds, they are better looking humans'.

    • SnowcappedQuinceanera

      Aww look at your baby bird making all her happy monkey noises while you're shuffling her entire existence all over the place.

    • Cauê Engelmann

      Thanks for this amazing review!
      This bird is wonderful. In Brazil we call it “marianinha” (don’t know why).

    • videooooooooooz

      can you do a Quaker parrot

    • videooooooooooz

      i want to get a caique but i want to make sure that this bird will not kill another bird if i. adopt one

    • Kawaiiluv lis

      It's depend on your bird personality. My caique gets along well with my other birds.

    • denise parent

      Love your videos. But i would love your info to include the typical life span very important to some of us

    • Jeremiah Weiland



      No. A hundred times “NO”! A dependably undependable parrot. Quick to fury (read “biting”) and quick to love. Yes: smart, yes: funny – but not trustworthy. Not a shoulder bird. Ever. If you can, rent one for a couple of weeks before deciding.
      Not a beginner’s bird.

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