Skittles has always played with Boots since he was a kitten. Skittles is always the one to approach the animals in the house to play ❤️

Since this video Boot unfortunately died of bobcat fever 🤒; but their bond and memories together will last a lifetime ❤️ (More of those videos to come – subscribe for more)

Skittles is a loved White Bellied Caique, which we chose to raise via free roam throughout our home.

Due to this he could be exposed to dangerous situations with our other animals. After several situations where Skittles refuses to respect personal space with the other animals in the house we thought long and hard of a solution.

#1- was to keep him in his cage most of the day.
#2- was to allow him to do his thing but under supervision and every new pet that comes in the house to introduce while young, before they are old enough to really hurt him.

Knowing how happy Skittkes is out of his cage we opted in on option #2 knowing that even if God forbid something were to happen that may shorten his life… we know that he would lived his life to the fullest and so much more happier then a longer life stuck in a cage.

So far after years of free roaming in a home of dogs and even a cat we decided to open up his own YouTube Channel cause he is so darn funny.

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    • @Fatmatube

      Can cats eat this bird? I have cat and I decided to buy this bird

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