White Bellied Caique Parrot Talking & Playing | Cute Parrots | Funny Parrots.

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    16 replies to "White Bellied Caique Parrot Talking & Playing | Cute Parrots | Funny Parrots"

    • 7777LORENZO

      Love how they Dance – too cute 🥰 I am in love

    • Raideur Ng

      What a goofball.

    • kfl611

      Your little birdie is too cute, he made me laugh. When the news is so horrible, all we need to do is look at cute birds, that hop around like they have springs in their legs…….thanks.

    • Theodor Madvig Hjorth

      That is a f*ck*ng amazing clip man, holy f*ck*ng sh*t XD

    • Barnabé Castanié

      Stop clipping birds tails

    • Theo Wilson

      I have never seen a bird love q-tips as much as a caique

    • Ryan Michalski

      I'd be like "quit scratchin the table u little shit!"

    • Hassan Ali

      Superb 😘🤣

    • Future Free Flyers

      Even if this is a caique compilation I am not disappointed to see a Jenday conure… 🙂

    • Rick Howell

      Ahh, the green cheek pin monster at the end! Must get pinnies!

    • Izabel Cristina Camargo Guimarães


    • Spike Lett

      Very few things make me smile as big as i smile when I see a little cute birdy that is just so happy and stimulated. It's amazing 😂🥰

    • Rosalind ROSSITER

      Happy, busy little bird! Lovely to see!

    • Ryan Michalski

      I’ll stick with my puppy’s thanks- parrots are too neurotic for me

    • The สามแสบ team




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