How do these two compare or differ?

Join me in this video as I talk about a White-bellied Caique and a Hahn’s Macaw.

I will talk about their personalities generally speaking, diet, caretaking, energy and more!

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    10 replies to "White-bellied Caique Or Hanh's Macaw?"

    • Carolyn Tannet

      I have a white bellied caique. Love him so much!! He will be 11 years old tomorrow 1-9-22.

    • rikka the conure

      Some of those macaws Have really impressive vocabularies. It’s always nice getting a birb that’s particularly talkative XD the conure I have now has the biggest vocabulary of any bird I had, but I think he’s also the most destructive bird I’ve had so….

    • Michael Hornby

      I'd love a Hahn's but…… We have a caique and he wouldn't give us permission lol.

    • P. P.

      Hi, but who's most affectionated, cuddle, cute for long time?

    • Richard Luong

      Wasn’t very Informative to be honest. You went off topic countless times and you’ve barely scratched the surface describing the characteristics and qualities of the different species being compared.

    • allan parrott

      Hi just like 2 say your the double looking 2 nicolette Larson the singer who sadly died a few years back.

    • Jan Kelley

      I have 5 Caiques, all females. They are fully flighted and all get along. They are little terrorists! We love them. I notice that my white bellied are very bold and self assured. Nothing frightens them. The black headed are a bit unsure of anything new. They also are sweeter. I have one very loud black headed. They all give kisses, laugh and imitate the songs of some of the wild birds. Even when they’re being naughty they keep us laughing. One more thing, my white bellied tend to be a bit more nippy. Messy? They’re little poop machines. They need a ton of toys and interaction. A lot of people are attracted to the beautiful plumage and size. This species will become depressed and pluck if stuck in a cage and ignored.
      I just found you and love your content. Of course I subscribed. And, I just ordered your book.❤️

    • As you wish

      How does Caique react when owner is away for weeks? Does it like to be with stranger while we are away?

    • Yamuna devi

      I love hearing about the different bird breeds as pets, even though I know there are different personalities in each and every bird, still the general idea, it’s fascinating

    • Tammy Wills

      Always love your videos…so informatove….thanks

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