Our Vet kindly allowed me to video this procedure on my White Bellied Caique.

Caper had another “procedure” under anesthetic on 1Aug2014. My poor baby – he weighed in at 169g, which is normal for a White Bellied Caique. The needle is larger than a 16 gauge used for blood donations – I’d say at least a 14 gauge. He is still having problems with a prolapsed vent (when he poops, his intestines extend outside his body and he bleeds). The Vet believes that this Deslorelin implant (to suppress hormones) along with a Lupron injection (0.4ml) will help him calm down during seasonal stresses. Further surgery is not an option, so either this works or Caper will have to live with his condition which will cut his life expectancy greatly. So, fingers crossed that this implant works to heal his little body.

We have a wonderful Vet, Dr Falllon. I’m thankful he let me video. He is also the Avian Vet who oversees all the birds in the SLC Tracy Aviary, so this guy has TONS of bird knowledge.

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    • Katherine Vernon

      From a Vet Tech student, and the owner of a female Lovebird who is a chronic egg layer, thanks for posting this video! Glory will be going in tomorrow for her third Suprelorin implantation procedure. The literature says we should expect about 6 months of contraceptive activity but the last insertion prevented any laying for almost 16 months! until poof – an egg appeared. I worry so much about her, as she is no 'spring chicken' (ha) at 6 years old. I am going to request to view the procedure, but if not, this was a great look! Also that needle appears to be a 12 gauge large bore… yeep! I was wondering why such a large incision was necessary, now I know! 0_o

    • Cheri Johns

      How is caper doing?

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