Young White Belied Caiques. These small to medium sized parrots love to play and love to eat.

    10 replies to "White Bellied Caique Babies Playing at Golden Cockatoo"

    • Karthik Kumar

      " Noone watches youtube", how times have changed.

    • Lynn Reedy

      Love this place !! I could spend all day there with all these birds !

    • Gus Brunsch

      where are u

    • TheGetaway

      Are you guys still in business? No new videos for like 3 years… would love to see more!

    • norbert starzec

      those birds in the back round are one of the most expensive birds u can get and idk y

    • Calak1

      I own a black-headed caique. Love him to death, but high-maintenance is quite an understatement. Do try and know what you're getting into.

    • Ali S

      they're lovely creatures but parrots are high-maintenance pets, so google caique care before purchasing one. this is for the poster below.

    • blarghness

      That is the juvenile plumage. The bands and spots fade with time. 🙂

    • kirkygirl

      Oops my bad, I didn't see the whole video through! But it's still cool that that banding happens! 😀

    • kirkygirl

      Oh cool! I love the black banding on the heads of the two birdies!
      Do you think that would be as a result of having a cross-breed or is it just genetics of the white-bellied?

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