The babies are getting so big now!! The two oldest ones have been flying this week. The youngest baby still does some baby screaming…but he will grow out of it soon.

    7 replies to "White Bellied Caique Babies — 9-10 weeks old"

    • Barakon

      Awwwww little babeeeeeeeeeeeeee

      Little babeeeeeeee birdie

    • ✨My Lovely Parrots✨

      So cute your caique

    • Street fighter vs Xenoverse

      Looks more like a black headed caique to me either that or it's a hybrid..

    • FlammenSeele

      Where did you get such an awesome tree stand ?

    • BeyondTheVeil4ever

      are you a breader? do you sel Caiques?

    • amazonas333

      Thank you so much for all your marvelous videos posted here. It is really a great pleasure to watch them.

    • Sandra

      11:03 my heart jumped O.O even though you just said they can land i got scared for some reason xD

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