Sometimes the Caiques just want to *squish.*

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    13 replies to "Where are the Girls? 🤔 #SHORTS"

    • Zeus Istheone

      Apolo throwing a fit.

    • Mary

      So cute and funny 🇭🇲😇😇🙏🙏🥰🥰🥰🥰💚🥺🦜💖💕🥺💘🐦💚🦜💖🥺💘

    • buea_eventing

      Them girls got caught in 4k

    • Digital Potion

      Apollo is a serious African Grey… he has no time for a pair of goofy girl Caiques! 😂 HAHA!

    • Hikari

      the pillow, n i c e

    • Stygian Emperor

      bring out tha goooooyyyles

    • Poison Plays

      Awww, my twin kitties Ernie & Bert sometimes hide together too 😂🥰

    • Catherine Yong

      LOL i have no words. Why is he more interested in knocking on the floorboards?

    • volvodoc01

      Goofy Ah bird too busy tap-head bobbing to care where anyone is! I bet he’s trying to figure out what the floor is. Laminate… it’s not exactly wood, but it’s not plastic… 🤨🤔

    • Jack Elise

      Aw snuggles

    • BrakeCoach

      what the girls doin?

    • Haider Ashraf

      Such a nice channel i will follow you with you're journey to making apollo the real goat

    • Lily Pie

      So cute 😍

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