Sometimes the Caiques just want to *squish.*

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    14 replies to "Where are the Girls? 🤔 #SHORTS"

    • Robbie Stalker

      I feel like apollo is dumb, smart, and insane at the same time

    • Jimmyplayz343

      Apollo had an error

    • NightLight249

      Heyy, could you learn apollo the universal tune, you just put on the tune a lot and see if he copies it, that would be so cool

    • XianMMD

      Under floor?! 😨

    • Jay81.5x2

      Cuddle time

    • Cherry Vibez

      “Where the girls at?”

      Apollo: “They in the floor!”

    • Newell Walther

      Skagway represent!

    • KayKay

      Apollo: bangs head
      Him: Where are the girls at?
      Apollo: continues
      Him: Ok..

    • Venus C

      Tappin on the floor like a tell tale heart, ok Apollo we know where the girls are lol

    • Jaxon_TheCrunchyMayonnaiseGuy

      Me casually banging my head on the floor:
      Mom comes in:
      “Do ur homework”
      Continues banging my head on the floor

    • bulby

      Apollo:(knocking on wood)
      Apollo, were the girls at?
      Apollo:(stops) huh? Cant u see what im doing? Ofc I donnt now (continues knocking on wood)

    • AEArato

      Actually they were snuggling, not play fighting for once!

    • ☆ Pēnny Wenný ☆


    • Hts Farmer

      : Apollo
      : stops to listen
      : where the girls at
      : i dont care 🦇🦇

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