23 replies to "What is it like to own a Caique Parrot?"

    • Omer Kansiray

      i bought a caique but he isnt tame he is 4 months old what would you recommend oding or starting with

    • Ben G

      First. You must learn how to pronounce its breed. It’s not “cake”

    • Mountain Adventures

      Im getting 2 of them today thanks for the vid came across you from osrs

    • Jada Redman

      Where do you get them
      How to potty train them
      How do u take care of them

    • Blue Bird

      Yes!! Potty train video!!

    • Dayle Klein

      Can you please do a potty training video

    • shellyqt

      What do you feed her?

    • shellyqt

      How much did she cost? I’m in the USA

    • hala kobutor

      A little child in a birds body. A nosey one I must say!

    • Rose Buttigieg

      I have a 10 week old can you please tell me how I can potty train my Caique I made mine Lucky I don’t if it’s a he or a she they told it’s to early to say !!!
      Thanks regards , Rose

    • Gobo Fraggel

      Parrotlets. Tiny parrots, quiet, big personalities, and sweet.

    • Mike Daniello

      Mine likes to scream.

    • Matthew Bennett

      I'm just about to buy / adopt Monty…..I'll keep you posted

    • steven wears

      Rubbish caique are good talkers if trained i lost my bird at 17 last year he used shout his name and lots of things they can be very noisy if the window was open you can here him across thee street.
      Don’t buy if you have a child in the house they can be a on person bird mine loved loved me but would chase other peaple in the house a friend who breeds African gray parrots had the same problem

    • Alia Rashed

      I have the same he was biting and now when I play with him he doesn’t bit at all

    • Lisa Dodson

      Can u tell me how to potty train my caique

    • Rugpug

      So do you think that caiques are compatible with other birds

    • Yuh

      They seem so energetic lol

    • Locksmith254

      Can you please do potty training video?

    • Mikael Hamberg

      You said that you had a Cockatiel when you where younger. I have Cockatiels and thinking about getting a Caique. Are Caiques much more louder and make more sound than Cockatiels? 😊

    • Ren Ramgotra

      You will get me that toy human slave ~caique

    • Pretty Parrots

      I love parrots so much that I dont recommend them to anyone because I dont want them to take care of them wrong

    • Floris v d Groep

      Someone who knows where you can buy one?
      And are they easy to make them tame?

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