We make Momo breakfast everyday. He gets a variety of fruits and vegetables, depending on what’s in season, and what looks good at the store. We try not to make it look like a fruit bowl, as too much fruit/high energy food will give Momo more than enough energy for his lifestyle requirements.

His preference for what he eats 1st changes almost everyday, which is good because what’s in season changes too, but he is always happy when he finds a sweet morsel like a sultana, some date, or a piece of fig.

Making breakfast has been a great way to start our day, we get to bond a bit in the morning and Momo is happy to go back to his cage to have breakfast once it’s ready. We don’t always give him nuts while preparing the food. If he is keen on exploring, or in this case, to keep him on camera, the lure of a nut will keep him occupied until it’s all gone.

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    16 replies to "What does a Caique Parrot eat for breakfast? Preparing Momo's fruit and vegetable breakfast"

    • Susie Lopez fan of HHN freak

      so cute Momo ❤

    • Carolyn Tannet

      Are they cooked vegs or raw?

    • Dana Reineke

      What brand egg and biscuit or a link to purchase. I've been looking for eggs biscuits or egg and biscuit for over a year in the US. Any info on where you buy it, the exact name and brand etc. Thanks!

    • Daraneill

      your supposed to keep the fruits to a minimum because they are so enejectic

    • kerryman

      Do they learn how to speek

    • Amanda Harripaul

      How old is momo now?

    • Michelle Huitt

      And is he going to eat all of that

    • Michelle Huitt

      How do you keep the left overs fresh

    • Lon

      Peanuts in shells are very dangerous for parrots. Please look up Aspergillosis.

    • Tina Bell

      💗💜💕🐦Momo! 🌻🍓 Thank you for sharing with us!

    • Jeanne Macaluso

      Caiques (or any animal) eats hot peppers?!

    • The EXCeLSiOR

      Where can i get a caique? Is it available for purchasing online?

    • Jan Kelley

      I just found you. I always like to see what other people are doing with their Caiques. I have 5 female Caiques. There are 2 white bellied and 3 black headed. All are female. One of the black headed girls is a rescue. She was raised on a seed only diet. Watching the other birds is a big plus in convincing her to try a new diet. My avian vet told me not to give peanuts as they sometimes contain mold. My birds, except for the rescue are fully flighted. They have access to most of the house. I keep the bedroom and bathroom doors closed. Two of them like showers the other three like to bathe in a large stainless steel basin at least every other day. Obviously I adore Caiques. I have them whistling and laughing. One is trying to speak. But, as you know, Caiques aren’t known for speaking. I look forward to following you.😊

    • Remod NC

      I just wanted to say how much I enjoy Momo! Thank you for sharing the adventure with your caique! I have been researching small parrots for months, and really want a caique too.

    • K. M. Bonner

      Great video! It was actually quite relaxing to watch you prepare Momo's breakfast! And Momo is so well behaved!

    • Phyllis Wilson

      I am supprised he didn't jump into the bowl, what a good boy waiting

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