Look at this cute baby Caique! 😍 Marianna and I had a chance to meet and take care of some Parrot Stars babies @parrotstars . They are all so cute! Here is a little info about Caiques. 💚 They are the most adorable little clowns! Very active, energetic, affectionate, feisty, and noisy! How many of you have a Caique?

Come see this Caique and my presentations at Parrot Stars July 8, 9, 10 2022!

    10 replies to "What are Caiques like?"

    • Parrot Wizard

      Do you have a Caique?? Come check out this Caique and my presentation at Parrot Stars July 9, 2022!

    • Racheal Johnston

      I love this kind of species they’re so fun to interact with they definitely have an attitude bigger than their body but they’re amazing creatures

    • Shilo Allard

      So precious and beautiful 🥺😍❤️

    • ARI the birb

      That's not a bird that's a mango

    • Cynthia Bicknase

      Welcome to Chicago!!!! Make sure you get Portillo’s and Lou Malnati’s while out here!!

    • Joan Ferguson’s Girl

      Caiques are everything you could possibly think of rolled into one little bird, I know cos I have 3 of them 😂

    • Tammy Carta

      No doubt they need lots of attention. I think this video has great points. All baby birds are darling…. But A 5 year old lovingly spoiled caique will test even the most patient mamma. Mine has a heart of gold which keeps him in good standing despite his loud screams when I leave the room. They constantly need to be entertained and seem to search for trouble. Thx parrot wizard for your videos.

    • Wendy Cottingham

      They need to be constantly entertained but can be great family birds. They keep you on the go!! Thanks for sharing this cutie!!

    • Debbie Linskey

      Will his head still have black on it or will it change to all yellow/orange

    • Poison Poet

      Little squeaky baby 🥺💕💕💕💕

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