Unlike other parrots, Caiques are amazing and fun-filled!

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    • Juan López


    • Juan López


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    • Juan López


    • Lynne Egan

      Do you have a book on caique

    • J.M.メディナ ヘスス

      That thumbnail, took me a minute to notice it wasn't a feathery banana what you were holding 😆

    • Real Yardy Queen

      What's the info for your breeder friend that ships?

    • Real Yardy Queen

      My caique doesn't poop in his cage at all

    • waqar younas

      How many egg laying of caique parrot

    • Naser Alnaser

      I’d like to ask you from your experience with caique birds. I had mine since he was hand-fed and now he is around 7 months old. He is very playful and full of energy but the problem is he has a really bad behaviour which is biting fingers, it is more like playful bites but he bites really hard and becomes very compulsive thing. How would you solve this problem?
      Many thanks

    • Chad B

      I've been discouraged to get a Caique by a few bird store owners; they say after a year or two they turn into mean terrors. Is this true in your experience? I'm starting to think it is because I've heard it from decent various sources. I'm stumped.

    • Layal queen

      Always she hurt me she don’t come in my hand I have 2 bird girl and boy

    • Olafaloofian

      About how much time per day should they be out of the cage interacting with their owners?

    • Neversaw

      "These are my top 3 loudest" birb waves foot in acknowledgement

    • Emanuele Bossi

      Well My 3 y old caique is not so noisy to be honest! He only scream When hungry, or want to bath ✌️😊 and dont think of positive reinforcements, They works opposite to the world of parrots imho….😂

    • dasistjaalbern

      THAAAANK you that you mention to spend time with them and have more and not keeping one lonely poor creature in a cage! <3

    • Jm

      Hi, enjoyed the video. I have just got a new Caique (2 days ago). I have been leaving him be in his cage for now to settle in. Just wondering how long you would recommend allowing one to settle in before letting him out and handling him ?

    • W L

      What is difference between male and female caique ? Which is friendly, character stable and more quite?

    • George2jz

      My dogs name is Pepsi lol

    • Rene De la Cruz

      Hi I’m looking for a pair black caiques do you have any ? Thanks Rene

    • joydeep pramanik

      So cute and beautiful

    • eng479

      Our young female is a feisty, sweet, stubborn, crazy, loving, and incredibly intelligent little gal who gets along with our cat and bunnies and sometimes our small dog. She lives in my office in an open cage (which he loves and sleeps in) and, given that I telework, spends 3-4 hours/day with me.

      She does have a very limited vocabulary ("step up," "wanna go poopy") but is mostly a beeper. She also has her morning shriekfest at roughly 10am every single morning. 10/10 love her to death, but I would not recommend one unless you're going to spend a ton of time with them.

    • Josefine W

      Yeah that sums them up pretty good. I would also like to add that they are gremlins. Caiques likes to be naughty as soon as you turn your back on them. They chew everything made out of wood and sometimes plastic too.

      But they are very friendly once you've earned their trust.

      And btw, there is no difference between a blackheaded caique and a whitebellied caique aside from their appearance. Some people say they have different behaviours but that is simply not true.
      I have one of each (same sex of course) myself.

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