So cute. This is not a video I made myself. I found it on the internet, downloaded it and then uploaded to my channel.

    13 replies to "Walking caique parrot"

    • Bombard-Mint 4264

      Where are their limbs

    • Liseth Lopez

      What kind of parrot is this?? I want one

    • Teysa ypm

      Jajaja, que lindo, yo quiero uno!!!!

    • scottydawg1234567

      Someone give this parrot a catwalk!

    • dilara


    • Simon Cheatle

      Really cute

    • jetfowl

      I wanna give birb scritches.

    • METALMAN4Wii

      Give it a Peanut!

    • Pacha Ze Birb

      Is it just me or does anyone else think the parrot is wearing a sweater? XD

    • Chiplewe

      this cured my depression

    • sticky fingers

      last night I took an L and tonight I BOUNCE back

    • Claudia Fabiana

      Poor baby….. free birds

    • yemanyaaa

      Cute with arms

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