Unboxing a new order of bird toys with Apollo, Soleil, and Ophelia

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    • Jean Smith


    • Thomas M Leahy

      "It's a bell"- new one for me. For sticks, get a couple of 2x4s, clean, no paint, no pressure treated @ home center, they'll cut it for you cut into 3-4 inch pieces, then use a hatchet to split the grain, about as thick as a finger and 1/2, eyeball it is ok. Hang it by some thick white jute, thick as your pinky, hang in or on top of cage, tie it down so he won't constantly drop on floor. Tie it to one of his perches, he'll pull it up, and if he drops it, it's still tied for another go at it.
      I don't know, but can he open a Brazil nut, or is that too hard. I've also seen lava rocks on chains, that'll work, but he'll never destroy it.

    • Ruthie D.

      So much fun Apollo!💞

    • Megan The Baker

      High impact bird 😂😂😂

    • Connor

      “THIS-IS-A-BELL!” said Apollo the parrot.

    • Sonny Seabury

      I'm to see people becoming bigger fans of Apollo and The Girls. ❤️

    • Busy Bee

      The way he flew and said "watch your fingers" 😭

    • Venus C

      Solie looking at the toy in the beginning is me looking at my life LMAO I love it so cute (sorry if it wasn't solie)

    • Satanyanko

      „High impact material for a high impact bird“ 😂😂😂

    • Elton Ugzmajli

      Lets make this Channel to 30000

    • Aishik

      That is one gigantic knife to open a box. I expected nothing else from the owners of Apollo.

    • Charles P.

      Glazz. Mehtal! Shhhrrrrroock!!!

      Love this bird.

    • Sabah Al-zuhair

      I heard that any metal is toxic for birds
      Is that right ??

    • Hogan Donahue

      Apollo is indeed a high impact birb X3

    • The Twilight Pug

      I wonder
      Have you ever given foraging toys to either Apollo or the girls?

      I’m currently trying get my bird into that to keep him busy since he loves solving puzzles

    • An Uncomfortable Newt

      Spyderco? Apollo has good taste

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