Apollo the Talking African Grey Parrot, and his Caique sisters react to our Sorts Creator Community gift. @YouTube

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    11 replies to "Unboxing Apollo's Shorts Creator Community Gift #whatsinmybag"

    • Don Boo

      Youtube are so cheap thumbs down.. Love this channel ♥

    • Judy Roland

      You must be a very patient guy! Great training!

    • C Brown

      To be fair, Soleil isnt scared of anything lol

    • Gowther

      Did Apollo just whistle as if to tell you to come and bring it to him?

    • Cathy peterson

      YouTube bags look cheapey

    • Jacklyn Salleh

      Congratulations to all esp APOLLO…SUCH A SMART BIRD❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💚💚💚💚💚💚

    • Janice Ervin

      Does Apollo play with thr girls? So he is t lonely when you are not home? He’s so cute. His little brain is always working!!

    • It’z nickz

      He deserves it

    • Callan Smith

      "You want a pistash? " shweeeeyooop!

    • Delyon OfJudah

      Ooh you’re getting presents already! That means you’re doing good! Keep up the good work! Soon Apollo and friends will be going to conventions!

    • lowandodor

      His voice is so cute and dear to my heart.

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