Try not to laugh challenge! This is a compilation of some of our funny Instagram posts. From Koa spinning in circles on her mirror to sliding on her back across the carpet. See how long you can make it without laughing!

    16 replies to "Try Not To Laugh – Funny Birds Video Compilation 2019 – Koa The Caique"

    • Isabella Holm

      Planning to get a caique, but have a question, what to do with all the poop everywhere, can they be potty-trained??? 😀 What to do with that problem??

    • قناه الالعاب الممتعه قناه الالعاب الممتعه

      fun fact he took the visa card in vid to buy new cage

    • Frances Murphy

      Are you sure he knows he is a bird. He sure does love rubbing around on the floor.

    • T. Purkess

      How does owning a caique compare to owning say a high energy dog? I have a cockatiel that I hand reared and so far, it’s been very rewarding and hasn’t taken up too much time, especially now that he/she is weaned. They’re perfectly happy to just chill with me all day when I’m working. But dogs are louder, messier, bigger and require a lot of attention and space to exercise yet I’ve heard all of those reasons used as reasons not to get a caique. I’m only wondering why they’re not more popular as pets, they just seem like flying puppies to me. You’ll have to excuse my ignorance on this, I’ve only kept budgies and a cockatiel and I appreciate caiques are different but are there any major drawbacks I’m missing?

    • Nittaya Sangfarlaun

      I love Caiques <3

    • Ginger Jam

      I love caïques

    • Shawna Borovich


    • Mateyhv1

      Infantile music ruined the video

    • parakeet8157

      Bird "drinking" Red bull probable still BOUNCING AROUND😄

    • idk why but im not alright

      So adorable

    • por schelep

      Have had my 12 year old 'Tuco' for 11 years. What a Blast. Giggles every day. Same colors as Koa. Thank You.

    • Sundae

      UGH SO CUTEEEE <3 <3

    • Deamooz

      Very playful and cute

    • Zero Mero

      Koa is so adorable!! Can't wait to see more of koa!!

    • Leclerc Martin

      I absolutely love caiques. So sad birds are a lot of work 😢

    • Mcbear 291

      Caiques are the best. Sunny said "Hi Koa!"

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