Some of you who are pro-wing-clipping may think it’s a terrible idea especially on the heel of an escape, but I do think the ability to fly should be a natural part of a bird’s life. Whether choosing to actually fly or not would be up to the individual however…

    14 replies to "Training my parrot to fly! (White Bellied Caique)"

    • Anja chan

      he's a chatterbox LOL

    • Menekşe Lale Hanımeli

      Ahan da aç kaldım. Pırasa yokmuşki var sanmıştım

    • penguin world order

      I heard these birds aren't really great at flying they get exhausted fast. They are more of a climbing species ? True?

    • gio

      isn’t its beak a bit weird, like overgrown?

    • walo mina

      Hey I'm thinking about getting one! But I heard they have triggers meaning they could see one thing and it triggers them and they try to attack it to death and that could be for example the socks that you're wearing and now they go for your feet and attack it full force! Is that true?

    • The Luminary

      Dont forget to reward his positive behaviors!

    • blackholecat

      Good job! But I would argue that the best way to train this is by using a target stick and clicking & rewarding upon completion. My parrotlet stations on command on her window perch and cage. I did it by giving her the comment by showing the target stick to the desired place (in my cage, a perch attached to the inside of her cage door). Gradually increasing the distance and decreasing the visibility of the target stick. So she fully transitions to the command. I now just fly her around the room by commanding her to fly particular places such as the cage or window, recalling her, or stationing her by pointing her to places.

    • Spider91FC

      Love the vid. I would love to see a progress video.

    • Raspberry

      My jenday conure is deifinitely happier fully flighted. Yes, its harder to bird proof the house. Yes, hes more confident and wants to attack my dog. Yes, i absolutely HAVE to teach him the recall. BUT his happiness is more important to me. And its really awesome to have a smart pet bird that flies to you on command!

    • andrea Ortega

      mine died😭😭😢😢

    • Ammon Morales

      IF he was clipped before he learned how to fly as a baby, it is going to be hard. You never want to throw to bird or fores him to fly.

    • Adwen A

      Is stinky flying strait yet? If not, there is a chance that one of his wings may be slightly misshapen compared to the other. I had a dove once with one deformed wing and he was incapable of flight. When the bird did fly it was in a curve. Your bird does not look like he is as "special" as my dove was, but his right wing looked funny in the video. He looks pretty happy though! You're a good birdy-daddy

    • Brett Riekman

      Does Stinky get out of breath quickly when flying?  When my caique flies longer distances he gets pretty tired, especially if he is spooked.

    • Eläat Artkalun

      How is the training going since then? I am considering buying a pair of caiques and would like to know if these guys like flying around at home.

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