Hi everyone! I was preparing another video when my white-bellied caique parrot Pyro got excited about the music and did some moves which in my eyes looked like dancing. I managed to catch the action and add the cue – my kinda retard jiggling… 🙂 So now I want to reinforce the behavior even further. And have fun with my bird.

The secondary reinforcer here is my tongue clicking. It’s the same purpose that a clicker would have. In some parts I did it a little bit too late: you should “click” when the action is right there, not when the bird stops. But it’s been a while since I had training sessions with him. I need to improve. 🙂

This was very spontaneous and unplanned video, but I hope it still cheers you up. ^^

Music: Avenza – Game On
Link: https://youtu.be/8ih9lSnLqf8

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    10 replies to "Training my caique parrot to dance (part 1)"

    • B M

      Thanks for teaching jumping 😊❤

    • Not My Austria

      Totally trying not to recreate the Omae wa meme with my birds

    • R candy

      My bird does that with his head all the time if go up and down with my hand or head hell do the same

    • Mike Hak

      That is not a dance move, you're hopping. I think the bird is teaching you to hop, and you pay Pyro with candy.

    • Travel Addict Guy TAG

      Funny video, I like it. Go, go Pyro!

    • Lydia V

      Jam baby yeah!!!!!! Go fluffy!😁😁😁😁

    • Shawlin

      both the bird and bird owner are cute. I am a new fan of both 🙂

    • Marco Angelo Torres

      Are caiques naturally used to hopping? Or is it really just easier for them to learn it? I've never seen a budgie or a lovebird or a quaker hop.

    • MrStensnask

      I, too, like to have my boobs out and sexualize videos about my parrots <3

    • Handsome_Hero

      There is a bird in this video?

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