The birds are in a good training moods, so we’re gonna try and stream a short session before birdie bedtime. Ended up answering questions from chat afterwards.
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    • Kyra

      You should use curtains. Do you realize you're fully on display from the outside? It's very dangerous. You never know what creeps with what intentions are outside. I watch true crime and in many instances the killers picked their victims randomly this way! OK, just as I was about to finish my message you've pulled down the curtain.


      I get up grumpy and Mardy Apollo must have a night mere but you soon cheer him up you are a careing person and you love him so much and Apollo knows that he is a fantastic bird his words are extraordinary he picks them up big time I can't stop watching him even when he is in his cage he chatters away he gets on great with sollei and Ophelia and they get on great with Apollo they moved so fast there colours are so lovely av notice Apollo never pulls his feathers out not even one is missing Africa Grey's uselly do cause by getting bored or stress but Apollo has so much attention I always look forward watching you with this gorgeous parrots best trainer I would recommend you any day

    • C Brown

      I think Apollo does the Snapchat noise when he wants water! He did it when he saw the water and he did it right after he asked for fresh water 😂 He does the laser noise when he is annoyed with Soleil 😂😂

    • Maryanne Mascia

      You mention that Alfonse was aggressive when you interacted with Apollo….that is called displaced aggression. Also I have a reco on how to improve his ability to do flapping on command….hold him on your hand and raise him up and down so his wings have to flap, and at the same time, give him the command “do flapping” and then praise and reward. I did that with my Grey. Love how relaxed Apollo is on the door which is evident by his beak grinding. Great job with your adorable feathered friend!!

    • Kari 🦘

      It reminds me of my inside cats. ( their inside so they can't eat the Birdlife) Mine have water bowls but they won't drink water from them. They see me drinking from a cup,so they want to do the same .so I've cups of water around the house. I left a message about checking Apollo for little mites around his neck. It may be nothing but he was scratching alot. It may be nothing. From 🇦🇺💜

    • Rachel Logan

      Forget the haters. You have great friends 😊

    • Rachel Logan

      I know about the fan. My dad let my budgie out while the fan was going. I was about 9. Need I say more 😞

    • Rachel Logan

      You're a bird genius 😂❤️

    • Rachel Logan

      I love this sweet family

    • Ann Davies

      Av just started to watch your videos apollo is so intelligent sollei and ophelia are like twins so cute little birds 🐤 apollo talks very clear that have a great play room plenty for them to entertain in there you are awesome to train em like that you must spend a lot of time with them 👍 I have a African grey parrot called basil well he was passed down from Owener to owner then I adopted him he was 10 year old I did nt know his back ground so he stared to attack my cat 🐈 when he walked in the room and my young grand kids got attacked as well they was petrified they refused to come to see me av tried every trick in the book got no where basil was so attached to me my husband found it so funny 😀 have you any advice about it

    • DayTripperID

      You two are so passionate about your birds, it's so cool that you have such loving commitment!

    • storkdeliverys storkdeliverys

      You can toilet train him to poop in the bathroom sink. I did it with my Dove. She actually trained herself and did this on her own. I let her have total freedom in my house. She had a little nest in my bathroom and I had a food dish and water bottle on the sink counter for her. She would sit on the nest and when she had to go poop she would poop in the sink. One big poop. She held it in until she flew to the sink. Then she would fly 🕊️💸 right in to my room and land on my head and wake me up ! Best pet I ever had. She lived for 25 years.

    • storkdeliverys storkdeliverys

      I love 💕 your birds ! You are an excellent bird trainer !

    • Alphabet

      This was awesome

    • Faith Dorey

      I think some of my patience in teaching my brother his spelling is something that I learned on this channel listening to G L ASS I broke it down in a very similar way for him to spell friends

    • Sheila Holmes

      I love the “Bye” at the end. Learned a lot with this session -especially about the clipping. And yay for composting!

    • Taking My Spirit Back

      I had no idea apollo was on the news! what an incredible mission!

    • Anne Haight

      I didn't think caiques were smart enough to learn things like colors.

    • helen slak

      Not fair appolo has to do 3 things b4 he gets snacks But his sisters only need to do one

    • Mary Mccormick

      So awesome 😎😎😎

    • Twisted

      i am curious if you heard of lionsmane mushrooms, ive been using it a while and it supposedly helps with memory loss and prevent memory related diseases, they tested it on mice but , im curious if birds can even ingest mushrooms we can eat, cause if so i might boost their intelligence even more, i dare not do it cause i have snakes, and they are meat eaters and specific to rodents my two … i wont do it, but im always curious if animals would get the same benefits

    • poppykok5

      I have a passionate love for ALL animals, & am becoming SO interested as I'm learning more & more about parrots…They fascinate me…I'm really enjoying your channel & am a new subscriber…

    • Mhmm

      wow you have some vintage consoles right there!

    • Kalanit Even

      how do you tell the sisters apart?

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