We are training Momo to wear a harness so he can go on adventures outside the house with us. Momo loves watching the world outside the window, so it should be very rewarding taking him outside.

We’ve used a slow and steady approach to this training. While we could have just popped him in the harness straight away, as he is easily handled, but we thought it would be better to slowly get him used to it. While it’s not a concern or a threat to Momo’s health, we could have used a harness one size larger as it would have made getting his head through the hole easier but still been secure.

For a quick run down of the steps taken-
1) show bird the harness
2) touch the harness
3) harness touch bird -over it’s back
4) bird in harness
5) tighten harness
6) get bird to do something else while in harness – “normalize” wearing it

Every parrot is different and while you can use a similar method of training that we have, you may find your parrot prefers a different method of training. This video was an edit of just under 2 hours footage, so each training session goes for roughly half an hour. That seems a good balance for Momo. Recognizing your parrots personality and adjusting training to work with them is best.

This video is as much about watching our funny chicken, Momo, as it is seeing our method of training.

    11 replies to "Training a Caique parrot to wear a harness"

    • Greg Power

      Thanks for sharing. What food did you use as a treat ?

    • eng479

      We have a leathers4feathers harness. It was reasonably priced and relatively sturdy. We've had our girl since she was a baby, so we turned putting the harness on into a routine – I put her on a specific perch and give her a treat and she knows she's getting harnessed (which she tolerates) to immediately go for a walk (which she loves). They're smart little pains in the butt.

    • Nicole Kinzel

      I'm trying to do the same with my wbc Samba but he literally runs away when I get it out.

    • ballad2212

      This should as easy as herding cats!

    • Fabionvieira

      what size harness is that?

    • Ob1 Keno2

      What a puppy!!


      I also have a caique , I got mine when she was a few weeks old (3 years ago )and I never clipped her wings , but she absolutely hates her harness so I take her out without a harness but I’m always scared because the wild birds in my area are territorial, I know she won’t fly away from me because we have a really good bond , but I’m gonna try and get her used to a harness in case if I will take her out in a unfamiliar environment..

    • galerion

      We used to breed and hand-rear caiques, at feeding time we would loosely pop the head loop from a harness on them and then syringe feed. Once they were older and big enough to wear a harness it was no issue for them.

    • Remod NC

      Momo is such a little character! Nice bit of patience there working with him. Can't wait to see him outside with you!

    • Place for plants

      What a cute parrot and thanks for the video because I'm hacvng a hard time to put the harness to my parrot so we can go outside

    • Phyllis Wilson

      I like the way he rolls over and plays dead lol

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