Yep, thats a “floor chicken” 🤣

Caiques are hilarious, they’re never boring! They LOVE to hop (in this case, waddle) into the carrier to go “home” every weekday! They’re the sweetest! 🥰💚🖤🧡

My boss takes many baby birbs home to continue feeding them & brings’m with when he comes to work. Hes the most dedicated boss I’ve ever known!

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If you’re interested in adoption of any of the birds, please contact the shop directly to inquire about availability etc… I post these videos on my off time…

Also, I don’t get paid for this, thanks for understanding! ❤️

➡️ Please note: They DO NOT ship birds, if you live far away, they cannot help you. Please look into your local rescues/animal shelters in your area, thanks for understanding!

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