This rescued parrot is obsessed with electric toothbrushes
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    16 replies to "This rescued parrot is obsessed with electric toothbrushes"

    • Angela Haun

      I found out my late beardie wasn’t female when she got testicular cancer! I couldn’t change her pronouns or my little girls nickname so she stayed “she.” Even the doctor got in on it when I told him her pronouns wouldn’t be changing.

      My turtle bridgit is male and his pronouns changed naturally. I guess you just kinda go with the flow!😊

    • :D

      He is so cute

    • albertage1231

      I spent 2 min realizing turtle is a parrot , female or male

    • Laura ada Cerri

      ogni animale anche se selvatico puo' dare tanto amore.. basta trattarlo bene

    • Betsy Veritas

      Turtle is extremely cute. I would love her too. What a smarty. I had no idea that new feathers itch. The toothbrush routine is adorable. You are all so fortunate to be together.

    • Jerry Howard

      They have a pet Swiffer that hates cleaning supplies!!! LOL! He truly loathes the bad guys and loves the good, and completely dispises all the B.S. he encounters. Between the beauty and the beast, he truly loves the world! Awesome stuff really❣️❣️❣️🤓😁🤗

    • Slacker Man

      Ok, turtle is awesome 🥰🐢🦜

    • Jana Glass

      Ahhhhh turtle is sooooo cute

    • Tania Denise

      Please tell me that you change the toothbrush heads afterwards!!! 😳

    • xoxo coco

      Turtle is so sweet and adorable!😍

    • aniika

      The perfect bird massaging machine!

    • Cesar Hallmark

      Awesome very sweet!!!! 👍🕊

    • J.R Leonard

      It's amazing how the smallest things in life have the biggest hearts and give the greatest love.
      Blessed be…

    • misbah ailia

      She's so cute. 🥰

    • Penegak Keadilan Pembasmi Kejahatan

      Yeahh , that's hit the spot

    • cc Rider

      Swiffer = POISON(Also: tested on animals)
      PLEASE dont use use industrial chemicals to clean your home.

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