Alexandrea wanted a dog and her husband wanted a cat, so they compromised and got…a colorful little Caique parrot named Shadow! Watch as they teach the cute little guy all kinds of tricks. His favorite is basketball!

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    15 replies to "This Parrot Has A Passion for Basketball | The Dodo"

    • Srinivasa Hebbar

      My love on birds is increased.because.of this video.

    • Hanna Svensson

      So cute😂

    • Mike&Alexandra_


    • Gabbetheman

      So cute😂🥺

    • crazypal17

      How cute! 😍

    • Camilla


    • Isabell Rynkiewicz

      So cute 🥰

    • RobertTheMan

      What a bird!

    • Cosmos Buabeng



      This is amazing stuff and beautiful

    • Thee Med Thee Tech

      I like the dodo parrots 🦜 😋 well training

    • Rapheal Obeng Agyare

      Good good good good good good good

    • ahmad shah

      nice video😍😍

    • B Bob

      I don’t understand how or why a human could imagine keeping a creature in isolation from its own kind.

    • Roy Valero

      Give him a partner..🦜

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