Caique Parrots are highly intelligent and need time and attention. Please ensure you are about to provide the time require for these parrots. Their life span is between 30-40 years.

    26 replies to "Thinking of Getting a Caique? Watch This – Day to Day Caique Routine"

    • Strat Abuser

      Fakest routine I've ever seen. Where's the part where they spray poop first? 😡

    • Desiree Burgnon

      Does anyone know a good breeder of Caiques? I have been scammed 2 times already.

    • Jergamer Gamer

      If put A Bird In A Running Shower = Deadly

    • D

      Where do I got to snare a bird lady wife?

    • Malfoy’s bitch

      I have a 2 year old BHC girl and thinking of getting a WBC next year, love these little babies to death, best birds ever

    • Snakesonaframe

      Where did you get their daytime cage? It’s so big!

    • luv mntain

      sorry but this seems so excessive lol

    • The Pæonic Kingdom

      I have blue budgies rn and I love them but I wanna add bigger birds to the flock

    • T. Purkess

      I feel like the people who have most experience with birds are also the most likely to say ‘I am no bird expert’ 😂

    • Colin Martin


      looks over at my Sun Coure eating straight up butter off my toast

      "Totally not the same."

    • Shubo Das

      Be ware apple seeds are poison for birds
      Love from India.

    • Kimberly Perry

      I’m getting my first caique this weekend! I cannot wait, his name is Skittles and he’s 2 years old.

    • TheCandiceWang

      Thanks for this. Few people have the discipline and commitment level to properly care for caiques or lorries. And you for educatingandwarning folks'

    • Cooks With Spoons

      We have a female Caique too! She also has a sister but a different species (conure) and we are concerned about keeping hormones in check to control any egg laying as they grow up. Our Caique is an "teen-ager" (3 and a half years old) and her sister is a baby or maybe you could consider her a "toddler".

      Our Caique gets up around 8:00 a.m. and goes to bed around 8:00 p.m. like clockwork. At night she jumps in her cage and gets on her "bed" perch and calls for us to come and "tuck her in". It's adorable!

      Thanks for sharing the video!

    • Alexandra Read Artwork

      I love them!!

    • Ashley Bishop

      I’ve heard it’s not good to give birds daily food that’s high in seeds and dyes, is it different for caiques?

    • Real Yardy Queen

      Are they potty trained? My caique poop alot and I'm trying to potty train her

    • Ruthie Bella

      No flight training?

    • Logan Smith

      I just want to tell you not to feed them seeds unless training and no fruit together with the vegetables fruit should also be uses as a treat

    • Smaugette

      Oh my, they are just nonstop! 🥰

    • Good Tips

      Hi, my 3yo caique got a tent (for parot ofc). very interesting method with sleeping (cage) pity i didnt know about this way. maybe if i buy a new one caique i will use this. thanks for sharing. all the best.

    • Wessew

      Consider YOUR age before getting one. It might outlive you. Make arrangements for that possibility.

    • Ryan Michalski

      but they don't actually get in the water??

    • Ryan Michalski

      WAY too much work for an animal!!

    • Michael Stern

      How do you work or do anything Else?

    • Love of Pets

      This is a great routine. Your birds are beautiful 😍

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