I have White-bellied Caiques… and I LOVE them.

Are you thinking about getting a Caique parrot? If I were in your shoes, here are the things I’d want to know:

First, let me tell you that a Caique wouldn’t be my first pick if I had no parrots, but easily top 5 or top 3!

Caiques are amazing. They are full of life, energy and joy. Oh, and attitude! One problem with Caiques is that they are stubborn and do as they please- which makes them hard to handle if you aren’t accustomed to parrots. They are also messy!

If you are comfortable adopting a lifestyle in which you are engaging with two Caiques – because these are social parrots that play all day when they have a friend – and you don’t mind keeping their cage clean all of the time, because they get their cages dirty, then this could be a great companion(s) for you.

On the other hand, if you want an easier parrot as far as time and dedication go, then I wouldn’t recommend a Caique. There are a lot of other species that are more affectionate, like Green-cheek Conures, and that aren’t quite so full of stubborn joy!


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    5 replies to "Thinking Of Getting A #Caique #Parrot? What I Would Want To Know #parrot_bliss"

    • allan parrott

      Hi iv got a pair that s not hand reared and they can give a nasty bite

    • allan parrott

      Hi your taking about hand reared

    • jojo1828v

      They are really cute, almost like they were shaking hand + foot with you and your macaw with the beak and walk through photo bomb 🤣

      Did you get the info to the person looking for parrotlets?

    • Jan Kelley

      Great video. Caiques are feathered monkeys. They truly are silly, non stop clowns. Mine are very affectionate. They can become moody and nippy. They need tons of enrichment and lots of chew toys. They are bold and fearless. I tell people you have to work with and play with your new friend. And, yes, they are unbelievably messy. But, they are my choice of parrot!❤️

    • Yesid Tac

      Jejejej adorable

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