Soleil & Ophelia love playing really rough, sometimes it confuses Apollo

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    23 replies to "They're At It Again"

    • Bilge Akademi

      😶 what happen???

    • Birb Luv

      So funny! Wrestle, rest, wrestle, rest…

    • AnimeandNightcore

      I 100% expected them to turn into a wheel and just roll away at one point when they grabbed each others feet.

    • ꧁WupperElfe꧂

      Ophelia playing dead 😄

    • Willow Bloomfield

      What siblings do best

    • Hogan Donahue


    • seval

      Bu kızlar çok yaramaz 😄

    • delta b

      Angry mangos

    • xiǎohuā 小花

      no one:
      soleil and ophelia: violent wiggling

    • Claudette Dawson

      I've never seen birds lay down and roll around like puppies that's the cutest thing ever

    • Green vill

      me and my bro be like:

    • Isabella Hopkins

      POV: me and my brother fighting to the death to pick the Chanel on the tv

    • rainingtrees

      When they just stopped and held feet for a moment😂

    • Irene del carmen Corona

      No , en serio que mal lapasan

    • Trixie Delight

      When someone steals your treats

    • shelia rogers

      I've never seen birds play like that how adorable

    • Kristie Marie

      They wrestle so cute lol

    • Zoé Stonefly

      Like my cats 😩🤣

    • Rachael Brackett

      So cute, are they lovebirds?

    • Mik Rettop

      Is that normal for them to fight like that or are they actually playing? I cant tell. Never had birds. They are little beauties tho.


      Looks like my cats when they go at it 🤣 LoL



    • Cecelia Driscoll

      Do conures do this in the wild too? And if so do they do it on the ground?

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