Soleil & Ophelia love the jungle gym we set up in their room, but Apollo wanted nothing to do with it until he saw them having a good time.

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    16 replies to "They Love the Jungle Gym"

    • e schwarz

      Such a great playground

    • Arlie111

      Places to go, so much to do, places to climb!!! They LOVE ❤️ IT and we love ❤️ seeing them….so dang adorable!!! 😍

    • A.

      These tropical Beautiful Birdies are really playful, and smart. Their feathers are amazingly beautiful. Take good care of these aves. ❤️✨🌟🌈

    • A guy that works too much

      They are made of bird- Apollo 2022

    • Toriell Simon

      I swear every time I see a comment saying “pretty birds” my mind defaults to the Cockatoo from Rio

    • Your Pal Kindred

      Aw, not a single thought bouncing around in their heads, it's so cute, theyre just living in the moment

    • it's me satan

      Vicious battle right there,, so cute

    • lahla13

      Your set up for these cuties obviously makes them playfully happy!

    • Tr

      Happy day!!

    • Zunair Birds

      So cute 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

    • Peteena Poodle

      That's because they're little, orange-headed monkeys!

    • Zoie and pickles

      Question can you answer my question why do you not decorate for Halloween???

    • Alteria

      The fruits are ripe for picking

    • Meadow

      ❤️ the jungle gym!!!!

    • Nitro Indigo

      Spoiled house dinosaurs.

    • ThePricklyBin

      Only the best for the adorable girls

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