The truth why I upload the naughty side of the Puffman caique. I do not want people going out and buying a caique for the wrong reasons, all because of a cute parrot video. Owning a caique parrot is a big responsibility, and so many caiques are rehome during the first 3 YEARS of their LIVES. Set yourself and your CAIQUE up for success by educating yourself and making the right decisions for your entire HOUSEHOLD.
🚨Adoption Alert! There is going to be a black-headed male CAIQUE available for ADOPTION in San Diego. I will share his post once he’s become public.


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    12 replies to "The Truth About Puffman Caique"

    • Kate Pinks

      Thank you…I have a black-headed caique, Bertie, who I adore. He us cuddly, affectionate but very short-tempered – he has a huge personality but he also has a very short fuse. He was being rehomed and my partner fell in love with him. Knowing I had wanted a parrot for a long time and knowing he did not have long to live he bought Bertie home for me. Bertie bonded with my partner instantly but I think it took him a while to forgive me after my partner died – I cried myself to sleep many times because I felt I couldn't give him what he needed. He will be 7 years old in July – he's lived here since he was 2 and a bit. I know he is happy now, and it is all down to communication and understanding body language – it took me a while, but we are best friends. He is my life – if he wasn't here I don't think I would be. I'm glad you present caiques as they are – they are not easy. I feel vindicated somehow, seeing this – it is SO rewarding to bond with them and I love Bertie to bits but please understand they need a lot of attention! Xx

    • Bianca D

      For 5-6 months it is hormones. For the rest it is often a certain routine that makes them go in attack mode. Try chainging it works. It confuses them 😆.
      They can also be soooo sweet and have relax time.
      Live Caiques❤❤❤

    • Annmarie Banta

      April… from what I seen in videos of puffy. He is jealous. And wants alot of attention to. We love you Puff Man. ❤

    • Wendy Cottingham

      I love that you shared Puffy like this. They are not easy birds for sure.

    • Lisa Banerjee

      April WE LO💜E you! & your beautiful FLOCK 🩵💜🤍💙🩷♥️🩵🩶💛🤎

    • Mango The Quirky Cat

      I have a white bellied caique named Niko. He can be pretty nippy, energetic, and loud like most caiques, but he’s also pretty sweet and loves spending time with people, whether they play with him, talk to him, or just hold him

    • Kakariki Ick

      Hes a happy little soul with a great
      at bird mum. Makes sense to show people the videos of Puffmans naughty behaviour so then there srnt anymore unfortunate birds needed to be rehomed because the person didn't realise the work needed to properly care for any animal tgey may give a home to. Good on you April. Take care💚

    • Emily Forthman

      Question!!! I am watching my aunt's quaker parrot while Zhe recovers from a major surgery. I've noticed he is covered, like big time, in pin feathers at base of tail, neck, everywhere. His feathers have good color, but they appear almost kind of oily and a bit disheveled. Otherwise, he seems ok, but I know they can hide symptoms. I'm not sure if this is a concern, and if it is, how to approach this without offending my aunt. She has had a lot going on recently. Please help!!! ❤

    • Ben Janssen

      Soo sweet that tweetybird

    • Granny Sharp

      Is he in attack mode when he’s mostly jealous ?

    • Yunfei81

      Aww :3 So cute! Jessie too!

    • jen l

      His t shirt is white today 😂

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