You think Apollo is the dangerous one? Clearly you’ve never met a Caique.

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    14 replies to "The Sisters are Phone Biters 😅"

    • U.N. Owen

      Coordinated chomp attack is Super Effective!

    • BETRvids

      They're testing it to see if it's… phoney.

    • Bianka Latoma

      hahahaa they are so cheeky. Too adorable!!!

    • Kaitlan Christine

      Apollo in the background going "oooh" 🤣🤣🤣

    • Cute Animal


    • Jaya

      Those cuties are getting big.

    • Lisa Mccarter

      I bet those two keep you on your toes😁

    • Victoria O'Shea

      Pretty smart girls,!

    • terry bunnell

      I would call those two bird nuts

    • Bruce

      Touch phone

    • :l

      What is this bird I see a lot?

    • Josh Petrello

      POV: you are a pecan

    • stet

      How do you differentiate them?

    • Maddelyn Lawrence

      “You got games on your phone?”

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