Apollo will even do the noise when he sees her lean over

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    27 replies to "The Little Squeak 😭"

    • FokkerBoombass

      Poops on the couch


    • Lynn C

      She’s like: hang on a second… ok now I’m ready

    • Exposing Proxy Stalking Organized Harassment

      Birds of all breeds like to poop, a lot. 😅

    • Kat.

      Normal birds have a normal "get rid of the extra weight" system before jumps n flights. 😉

    • Matt Cy

      She gave you a little Hershey Kiss

    • YZEtc

      A little fertilizer on the sofa never hurt anybody. 🙂

    • BlackCellAgent

      I would like a snack, but first I must 💩

    • Brickelle Gregory

      Haha…my conure's butt makes the same squeak when she poos!

    • OtakuChick

      little poot

    • volvodoc01

      As I always say “eat a pile, make a pile!”… she just did it backwards

    • nick strickland

      Fun, a couch covered in crap.

    • Nitzy Black

      She says, 'let me get rid of this so I can hold more' 😄

    • Kmuz

      Hooman: Come here !
      Birb: Sure and i poop on your couch.

    • MrViking2 McAll

      Stinky noise!

    • Ruthie D.

      Ophelia, you are gorgeous!

    • U.N. Owen

      She stared at you in the eyes, moonwalked to the center of the couch, and squeaked as she pooped on your property. What an absolute alpha chad

    • Root Khan

      yes dad i want a snack let me finish processing the last one you gave me real quick 🤣🤣

    • Lawrence Jensen

      Did I hear a fart? 😂

    • The Truth Hz

      So funny. We have an Amazon and she squeaks most times when she poops. I'm glad she's not the only one.

    • Robert Paglia

      How come these don't speak

    • De-Maddin-81

      Aaaawwww! :o)

    • Crispy blaze

      Nah that's nasty

    • Elton Ugzmajli

      Wanna earn a snack the parott backs off lol

    • C Pogue Mahone

      Moonwalk into poop squat. 😜♥️

    • Ro B


    • Victoria Otero

      Que ternura 🤩

    • celestialVocalist99

      So adorable! How do you tell Soleil and Ophelia apart?

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