Soleil and Ophelia have already learned a few tricks.
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    • LeglessLex

      Tori is so beautiful. Smart so special! As are the birds, life is truly remarkable 🙏✨️💫

    • Pamela Johnson

      I love those beautiful babies, they are adorable.♥️♥️♥️

    • Yasi Soufi

      When the first sister is doing her tricks the other one by the window is so funny! Like the lazy student who is trying to avoid the eye contact with the teacher but then she sees the treats and finds out it’s not the pop quiz time!

    • Mooky O'H


    • Fatema Mansurie

      How to do these tricks?

    • Adam The Great

      How do you guys not confuse the two birds for each other? I'd be a little confused all the time.

    • Linda King

      Those little girls are so adorable!! I checked and they cost too much for me. I was thinking I may get a monk parrot. I know they aren’t allowed as pets in some states.

    • TheKomentor

      She looks like a young grandma 🙂

    • Alteria

      I have no idea how you managed to get them to do tricks like this, my tiel won't… I don't know how, he only knows the basics, but ya know what, he's not the smartest in the flock, he's devoted his 3 braincells to mimicing and foraging… Oh and hiding at the back of his cage where I can't reach him or in general getting out of reach when it's cage time

    • Anime ZONE

      Could you tell us some about the clicker cause I can't understand why it's needed for training

    • Princess Bonnibel Victoria Bubblegum


    • Damien Popp


    • Gailie RunningLynx

      ~🧡💚💛🤍~ 💞

    • thoughts from South Africa

      Clever girls! Love you 😍

    • Linda Monsour

      Your a good teacher ! So smart beautiful birds !

    • dj stinky

      you guys are such great bird parents. it makes me happy to see these little guys getting so much attention ❤️

    • Vanessa S.

      Your birds live such enriched lives! ♥️

    • Bree Phoenix

      Very soon they are going to immitate that clicking noise to get treats :p they're such smart animals.

    • Sunshine

      Great learners 🥰

    • Tr

      Happy little dinosaurs

    • Anthony Camilleri

      Smart birds,smart teacher


      Hey if you did an only fan you would hit a very huge demographic niche 100% guaranteed $$$ cash money$$$

    • Voujdjr

      house is gross

    • Alexandre Pereira

      I had a periquit that always shakes with me everytime i asked. I would say, "the other", and she would g8ve me the other paw. Never received a reward for that, just my happiness. Why woul you insistbon programming your beloved pet. I'm starting to dislike this.

    • Christine R

      Do they understand it's two tricks or is that for your viewers? They're so clever I wouldn't be surprised they can count?

    • Richard Duncan

      I might recommend that you investigate smaller, lower calorie, higher value treats like tiny dried berries or a single favorite tender hemp seed, maybe half or quarter of a piñole nut. It might be difficult to reverse course at this point but those little parrots are so sweet I wouldn't be surprised if they would perform for praise or play, you might not need treats at all for certain easy behaviors! They seem to love to engage in play. A play or praise reward might substitute a treat and offer the reinforcement. It might allow for extended training sessions. Also if you want to continue to use the nuts, this is purely just my opinion, but you could give them treats that are a half or a quarter or an eighth of the size basically what we would consider a crumb, now I know that they're not super dexterous, but they would probably manage if you could come up with the size that is the physically smallest size that they can see, retrieve and enjoy, that would be the ideal treat. The idea is that you don't want them to fill up quickly so that you can prolong the training session so that you can get high frequency reward pattern (desired behavior rewarded often) so that they can learn quickly, and learn many things, and learn them well. Finding the perfect treat for an individual creature can be a journey. I think those pecan parts are a little big, just imho.

      Also I noticed that the timing on your clicks is not perfect, that's definitely something to work on. I don't know who you are referencing for learning material but the field was basically set out by Karen Pryor who started out training dolphins with positive reinforcement operant conditioning. You clearly have the passion for your little babies there going and it's beautiful to watch. If you really want to take this to the Stars, the book that cracked the theory open for me was called Clicking for Obedience and it's for dogs but I feel like once you really understand the theory, it's universally applicable to All creatures. It will affect your own behavior just having these concepts in your mind. I read like four or five books on positive reinforcement operant conditioning before I really got it. Somehow there's more to it than meets the eye, when there's a desired behavior and offering the reward.

      For instance your clicker might be too loud for the birds, it's is really loud. Definitely suitable for outdoor training of most dogs, but you might be able to benefit from a slightly more subtle bridge stimulus. You want to keep the precision but something that's not such a sonic attack might be more easy for the birds to associate with the reward. Again I recommend that book Clicking for Obedience, it's a huge book about an inch thick and it's an absolute goldmine in terms of learning the ins and outs and subtleties of the techniques of teaching positive reinforcement operant conditioning, to dogs. But again I believe that the theories are universally applicable to all creatures as they were originally developed for other intelligent creatures that do not respond well to negative conditioning ie. dolphins, not dogs, and they just you know carry right over into the process itself.

      I was just so fascinated to watch your video your birds are so cute obviously you're the one already training your birds and so that's great. I guess I want to see you be successful it would be so cool! I can see how smart those little birds are, they're adorable too.

      So in summary, theoretically smaller treats allow you to give them more treats more often, theoretically a more subtle bridge stimulus will be easier for the bird to associate with being treated, and "Clicking for Obedience" is a huge valuable reference for the subtleties of learning positive reinforcement operant conditioning which has many non-intuitive aspects, and covers ground such as precision shaping behavior, and bringing behaviors to be on command, speed etc. Really good luck

    • Îllia Âldher

      You two are amazing parents! 😍

    • Still Here

      And politely took just one snack.

    • Still Here

      It’s somehow adorable how she watches your finger for the entire spin. So she won’t lose her place.

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