Why are they the funniest pets in the world? Discover it in our caique workshop!

Waarom zijn Caiques de leukste huisdieren ter wereld? Ontdek het hier in de Caique Workshop.

    5 replies to "The Funniest Pet in the World: Caique Workshop"

    • Kiwi & Tweety

      omg you have more bird


      Those black feathers on their head .. do they shed as the bird matures?

    • Simone Kent

      What wonderful animal lovers. An inspiration!

    • Flo Green

      Love love LOVE your birds 😀 beautiful I'm getting a linney parakeet ,sorry I spelled it wrong LOL they are about the same size as your birds, maybe just a little smaller. Your doing a great job with them 😁

    • Parrot Lover


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