Snakes make amazing pets! But some are much better suited for handling and overall great disposition than others. If you’re looking for a pet snake that is very unlikely to bite or squirm around, just an over all amazing temperament and disposition these five pet snakes make the friendliest pets with the best personalities!

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ball python temperament is known to be amazing, if you want a snake that is unlikely to bite, a ball python is perhaps the best option. Another great snake

    15 replies to "The 5 Friendliest Pet Snakes You Can Own! | Meet My New and Rare Snake!"

    • Wickens Wicked Reptiles

      what is your friendliest pet snake?

    • Landon McCabe

      My most affectionate snake is hands down my lavender California Kingsnake. Every time I open his enclosure, he rushes to the front to give my hands all of the kisses! I am still trying to teach him manners and to not give open mouth kisses.

    • Amber Thomas

      I have a hypo hog island named "Axel" that is my super personable snake. He's 75% hog islands x bci boa. I was told he'll only get 5ft. But he's a gorgeous snake. I've also go a couple Tarahumara mountain boas another favorite of mine and I do also have a pair of house snakes.

    • NickGbaro

      Yes Burmese pythons care guild please!!! But don’t forget to show you handling or you should be handling while talking would be cool!! Thank you

    • Soldier of Love

      my sand boa is a male body part. my milk snake is very chill


      Just realised you done a show with Derricks reptiles( the live feeding guy). Not cool mate!!

    • Raymond Jones

      Would love to see that burmese python care guide you offered

    • Mischief Goblin

      I'll never have a berm but gosh I love watching videos of those big dopey sweethearts xD

    • Hardcore Outdoors TV

      Man I've been following you for a good while now and I enjoy your videos.

      I have a LOT of reptiles (mostly snakes) but I have monitors and other lizards as well as a pixie frog, tegu and various turtles and tortoises.

      I have 5 retics just to name a few of my snakes, and I live in Texas where we can do whatever the hell we want 🤣.

      My absolute 2 favorite snakes are my huge female carpet python and my young male false water cobra. They will both meet you at their cage and crawl out to you when you open it.

      They're both the coolest snakes I personally own. My carpet python with crawl around a bit but not at all flighty.

      My FWC will sit with me for hours and just chill. Both are never one to bite or act aggressive in any way, you should really consider sider owning both these snakes, or at least highlighting them in a future video.

      Keep up the good work brother, and if you ever make it down to Texas you should definitely look me up.

    • JB films

      I think a super dwarf retic would definitely be on the lis

    • matthijs van neijhof

      Mine is my Superconda hognose boy! He is always watching me and waiting for me to pick him up. He is my adorable lil noodle

    • Eric Roth

      Ball pythons are just colorful, expensive paperweights…except even paperweights… are more food motivated. I want some personality.

    • Nicole Brautigam

      Would love a Burm care guide!!! I have fallin in love with them!

    • Christian Wilson

      What size cage would you recommend for a hog island boa?

    • Spencer Wales

      adam would you ever get a emerald tree skink?

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