I am teaching Puffman how to forage in the garden! In the wild, parrots learn everything from their parents! In captivity, our birds rely on us to teach them everything, including how to play with toys and forage for food. Today, I am teaching Puffman how to forage for arugula. 🚨Always ensure what you are feeding your parrots outside is clean and safe to eat!

    18 replies to "Teaching My Caique Parrot How To Forage In The Garden #parrot #birds #caique"

    • @siberiokhovonick

      You said "take a bite" but u didn't say what to bite. My conure will purposely crunch her good right by my computer to get my attention. And look at me shocked like "I didn't do it"

    • @joeb9849

      He'll forage on those toes !!! 😂

    • @adicam23

      The caterpillar eggs:👁️_👁️

    • @peppermintmocha3271

      That bird is just so sweet! Ha ha I think there’s another bird that sure sounds like they are laughing! That’s so cute

    • @christiangarcia5198

      He’s such a cute brat I feel like he did that on purpose 😂eating in my face

    • @missjoubertdesigns

      So, cute Puffy sounds a little bit like lovebirds. My lovebirds start chirping when they hear Caiques chirping.

    • @user-vo3pf4tm3f

      Hello maineime is Maria clara 😊😊😊😊❤

    • @birdsmariaandsunshinetv9899

      Awww April but be careful ❤

    • @nitzyblack6143

      Risky business 😂

    • @wyomingadventures

      April Forging in the garden. 😂 Your turn, Puffman. 💚🤍🧡

    • @abeautifullife5303

      😅😂April… you are a hoot!♥️🦜♥️

    • @jesussavesjesusgodlove7042

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    • @sharynzoo

      You are so funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • @bonniedavis4601

      One of you is crazy. I'm not saying which one. 😊❤❤❤❤❤

    • @claireprideaux6872

      Aww he's giving you loving squarky noises ❤xxx

    • @tracyroake2815

      April you're the best! All hail the queen forevermore

    • @JamesThomas-530

      😂very cute 🥰

    • @birgitm5379

      Yummy and healthy 😋😋😋 for Mommy and Puffy ❤❤❤

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