One of the most important things you will want to teach your parrot is to step-up, unless you already have. Stepping-up, of course, comes before anything else you’ll do with your parrot, so it’s key.

Some parrots already know how to ste-up, sure, and some are quick to do so.

Stepping-up is a natural behavior for parrots, since they step onto higher branches all of the time.

Teaching your parrot can be easy, especially if they are young.

Place your hand or finger against their chest and gently move into them. Parrots naturally start to lift their legs in order to not lose their balance. They quickly understand that you want them to step up and they do so.

You can also place your fingers or palm under their body and lift, then they automatically look to place their feet on your hand or finger.

If your parrot bites:
Use a stick! Parrots often use their beak to “feel” where they are going. If you are afraid of being bitten, placing a stick in front of them will give them something to balance themselves on without hurting you.

Once your parrot has started to step-up, then have him or her practice going ‘up stairs.’ Keep putting your other hand in front of them for them to step-up so that they keep ‘walking upstairs.’

Parrots are wonderful companion pets, and creating a bond and starting to pick them up can be the first step toward a wonderful, blissful bond with them.

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