In this video we are showcasing small tame exotic birds ranging from Rs7500 to Rs57000. Prices given in the video is for one single bird specie.

In the video you can see birds like cockatiel, Conures, senegal, monks and Caiques.

For more details feel free to call/WhatsApp us at
Salman’s Exotic Pet Store

    20 replies to "Tame Exotic Birds Caiques, Conures, Cockatiels, Monks, Senegals at Salman's Exotic Pet Store."

    • Khalil

      Cocktaiel info pls

    • Dipanshu Rastogi

      He is selling very expensive. I got YSC for 7k with delivery to Delhi.. great competition going seems like..

    • Shreya Bera

      Are these deliverable into west Bengal?

    • Shreya Bera

      What are these yellow birds? Price?

    • Jay Ajai

      Can you Show us a tour of your exotic bird store

    • Surajit Parua

      What is price of African grey parrot? Please tell.

    • Ahem Ahem

      Hey Salman make one video with all your Birds

    • Sushant Kalantre

      Get well soon Bhai

    • Krishna Kale

      what shall I feed my conure chick apart from kaytee exact formula
      Like probiotic food or vitamin for proper growth and also for healthy conure

      And how many days does it takes to grow for self eating ??

    • Sushant Kalantre

      Nice & cute 🐦

    • DIVYA 26

      Very pretty bird's 🙂

    • Tejas Patel

      Lutino cockatiel ka price??

    • mickshaw555

      I sometimes have visited Kolkata's Galiff Bird Market where they sell Conures etc. But the quality difference between ur birds and theirs is like night and day!

    • Puran Bhawsar

      Salman bhai aap jo choty bird ki video dhikhaty ho nice sir aap mary liy dua karo ki mera satap jaldi tayar ho jay or mujy aap kya pass any ka moka mily

    • Bit byBit

      Get well soon Salman

    • Sudiptya Chakraborty

      Get well soon Salman bhai 👍.

    • ram verrma

      Hello Salman Bhai, no problem " GET WELL SOON" we wil be waiting for your next video. Take care of your health.

    • Subhankar Das

      Take care your self and get well soon…💛

    • Poiuyt Trewq

      Are you married???

    • Poiuyt Trewq

      I just requested this… u salman bhai

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