My Black Headed Caique, Tiki Bird, loves to perch on the front porch screen and talk away…

    6 replies to "Talking Black Head Caique Parrot..singing away on a sunny day! He's my Tiki Bird 🐦"

    • Nicholas Biddle

      Looks like you're tryina talk him off the ledge

    • Jay Dewar

      I feel like no one in the comments knows that free flight training exists.

    • Nikki 0988

      Aren't you afraid he's going to fly away, he is amazing. I would be with my heart in my throat

    • DRL

      Wow so adorable 🥰

    • Emily Taylor

      i'd be way too scared to let my caique play outside like that /.

    • mamta agrawal

      I recently lost my kakariki, watching your videos all d time, this bird playing outside, is Its Not risky i mean if it cud flys n runaway???

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