Here’s something for all Derpla’s friends. 🙂

Derpla is now 2-year-old white-bellied caique, but I still have a looot of videos of his baby parrot times. So I will share it with you every now and then! Enjoy!

More about Derpla:
Tale of Derpla:
Derpla the caique – updates:

Music: Love Light and Twinkles by JivingGerbil (link: )

    21 replies to "Super cute baby caique parrot Derpla"

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    • Natalia Arshad

      He is very very very cute i love caique

    • Wanja Carrez

      🥰😍SO CUTE

    • HandyDandyCrafts

      Caiques are so cute!! I have lovebirds and l love them, I love the idea of caiques, what do you like about them?

    • GS Cinder

      Question. Are you Russian or Swedish? Idk why I felt like asking, I just did.

    • Gord Roberts

      Always makes me smile

    • - Spaced Out - & - Space Bound -

      Sooo cuuuuttttteee😍😍

    • Sklem

      Sorry if you can't answer this,but would birds be easy to take care of I can offer it time and care.

      (About this question I'm looking to buy a Budgie)

    • Xxlil.gixellexX

      I'm happy she survived

    • Ibakon Ferba

      Omg, so CUTE!!! <3

    • Kenttätalli Hellion

      Derpla on nii in söpö ❤❤

    • sermox

      I couldn't stop watching the tale of derpla it was amazing!!!

    • Sean Clark

      so sad but truly remarkable, well done

    • moomin moo

      You are so caring and kind.

    • Nebula

      Derpla reminds me of my cockatiel

    • Le shórt

      Aww, I love Derpla, he is so cute!

    • Skreczi

      Cute 🙂 Animals are awesome

    • AmdiaR

      Great bird story

    • Bugsy Plays Games

      Aww Derpla is sooo cute

    • Nathan Hayes

      I still love his story

    • Caroline_fox

      Awwwwww! She/he is so cute 🙂

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