Ophelia found an alternative way to obtain the nut.

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    10 replies to "Stealth 100"

    • Camalə Mammadova


    • CleverTaco

      More a choice than anything else. Very cute though.

    • e schwarz

      "this cup is awesome! Thanks for taking that stupid not out the way". – Birb 1

    • QuarashiKiev

      Ого, как у них чётко всё спланировано. Даже у каждого свои роли распределены в плане ограбления.

    • Charlie Q. Brown

      HEY, I did all the work! 🤣

    • Dox Holiday

      We used to call that "Coming up".

    • Faryalmu


    • Terry Moore

      Are theses the bird that you have to get to if your to keep one cuz the companionship is very necessary for the breed? Beautiful colors

    • Night Ammo

      Lol little thief

    • Sophistic History

      The ol' shell game……one you can't win.

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