CONSIDER BECOMING A FOSTER “PARRONT”! This will give you a good idea if you are cut out for parrot keeping. Most people aren’t and that’s why rescues and sanctuaries are OVER-FLOWING! Help them out;

Remember even though these 3 species show up in rescues the least, they are still HARD WORK and have their downsides. All animals take TRAINING, WORK, and UNDERSTANDING. No parrot is “easy”.


There is no such thing as a “starter bird”. These are life-long companions and commitments. NO BIRD IS EVER TOO OLD TO BE TRAINED. Don’t give up on the older birds, give them a chance to prove themselves. Check my playlists for older birds I’ve worked with.




(Oldest to Youngest)
Female Galah 💗 BONDI (bond-eye) ⭐ hatched 2005
Female Congo African Grey 💗 CRESSI ⭐ hatched 2007
Male Galah 💙 BANDIT BOY ⭐ hatched 2008
Male Blue Throated Macaw 💙 JINX ⭐ hatched 2008
Male Camelot Macaws 💙 COMET & TUSA ⭐ hatched 2008
Male Toco Toucan 💙 ROCKO ⭐ hatched 2011
Female Sun Conures 💗 LILY & PHOEBE & DETKA (dee-et-ka) ⭐ hatched 2011

BirdTricks is a husband-wife team; Dave and Jamieleigh Womach specialize in parrot training and companionship.

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    26 replies to "Starter Birds | WHAT'S A GOOD FIRST BIRD? WHAT BIRD SHOULD YOU GET?"

    • Allen

      Great video. Non-birder here. You and Dave make owning birds look so easy, but it's obviously incredibly hard. I shall continue to live vicariously through your channel.. 😛

    • Mike LoRe

      Helpful, thank you 👊

    • K9 !!!

      Been fostering my nephews African Grey for a couple months since his house burned down.
      Phoenix is a female. She is the best entertainment I’ve had in my life for a long time.
      Very smart and requires a lot of me time which is ok bc I am single and 60 yo. Great bird for my lifestyle

    • ethologizedsphinx

      Budgies can be amazing if you start with a baby. The smaller bites and poops are a plus! Smaller claws on your shoulder too! And because it's a baby you have to take it more seriously.

    • 9bstar

      I've had a Senegal and a handtame rosella and yeah those lil beaks can do some damage and the Senegal loved destroying stuff including 5 euro bills and mascotte rolling paper

    • Foufita saptid

      Well i am recommending for myself a cockatiel and i hace the perfect name for it ''Chicky'' do not steal my future bird's name

    • Foufita saptid

      Well i have an exprience with birds i had 3 chickens but they died : ( and i also had 2 parrots one black and one white but my littlr brother have let them out of the cage so they flyed away : (

    • B. Lane

      Depends how dedicated you are. African Grey was my first bird and we have had 14 good years together so far.

    • Boobie Rubi

      Lots of people say conures are screamers I mean I had a sun conure and while he did scream often I felt like my cockatoo was worst like my sun conure was calm and very independent. I could do things around my house while his cage was open he would Just play and watch me and just hang out on top of his cage he was a very good sun conure .

    • Sara Khan

      omg, she is so right. i adore my baby green cheek conure but it screeches for hours like a non stop siren in the morning and most evenings. I live in a studio so I can't escape it and I work home most days. My poor yorkie dog gets so scared he runs away or shivers. i def wasn't expecting it to be this bad :/

    • Flow State codm

      Sun conures are basically birds that can break glass with their loud voices.
      I have a 6 month old sun conure at .y home and boy is he noisy.

    • ARK Babe 🦖

      Ngl, you look like a bird so it makes sense that birds love u hehe 😃 🥰

    • Israel De La Garza

      What about budgies or cockatiels? I understand every bird need a lot of care but would these two species of birds be better than the ones mentioned in the video for a starter.

    • HanJae Yoon

      I once raised two chickens. I loved them very very much and they loved me very very much as well. My mom cooked them for a dinner after they are fully grown.

    • J B

      Southern people are so different when it comes to animals and animals noise. So it makes sense they didn’t care. It’s so funny to me that Idaho people get mad over dove noises lol.

    • Jade Ferra

      Great video, really appreciate the brutal honesty – I want to get a bird eventually, but not until I'm as ready as possible. I love animals in general, and I'm pretty adept with animals, but I wouldn't take one on lightly. After we have a good space built and I get solid experience caring for some birds (as you said – local rescues have tons of birds), then I'll adopt one. And if it doesn't work out, that's okay too, we all need to be honest with our capabilities. Animals aren't a fixture, they take a lot of work!

    • Rayhan Mallik

      What about indian ringneck

    • Young capo

      I like to think in everything in life not to look at the result but to look at the process and the hardwork and then decide if you’re ready

    • Daadaa

      Would anyone recommend love birds for first time bird owners? And what about doves?

    • Jay Will

      I researched and thought 1.5 years to finally narrow down, which bird would fit to me, my lifestyle and my future. I narrowed it down to a) Senegal parrots b) Pionus c) Parrotlets.
      As pionus was a bit expensive, and senegal a bit hard to obtain and also not too cheap, I bought two pacific parrotlets. It was a good decision for me.
      They are not perfect; there is no perfect parrot, depending on how and where you live among other life circumstances that might limit you.They still are pretty wild and flighty; I still need to change their diet; but the one that bit into my hand doesn't do it any more! I contacted them on day 2 and it was the right decision to contact early. I'll keep my patience and my training.

    • Dj Boond0ckz

      I need a bird that attacks everyone but me guard dog

    • andrew pham

      'i'm just getting bombarded with this' wrong and terrible word to use to showing offf' on channel of ' youtube .i was turned off immediately……….do you know saying /… bombard and it's meaning . you are saying people are sooo sooo omg ..being repeatedly annoying you also terrorizing you ..

    • Sarim Gaming YT

      You give a really good information and tips thx for your help.
      At first i wanted to buy a cocktiel but now ik they are very difficult spiecy nd now ill start from a small bird.And now i can buy a budgie nd parkeet without any fear of their death and
      btw im also in the list of that people who beg their parents to buy a parrot.😅😅

    • Mehna The Alexandrine Parrot

      when a alexandrine bites does it bleed

    • Ralf Schumann

      Pionus and Senegal parrots

    • Ralf Schumann

      Chickens guineafowl turkeys get really big like a couple years old like really big

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