In honor of Iago the Macaw 🙏 we’re teaching Apollo how to wear a hat.

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    24 replies to "Spoon Hat 🤠"

    • Yasi Soufi

      Apollo! No! Human is a liar ! That’s definitely not a hat! U r better than this!

    • Sophistic History

      "Touch me again with that thing, and YOU'LL be calling it a suppository!!"

    • Jason &JakeDogg-RIP

      He NEEDS a top hat and a Monocle! 🎩🧐

    • Chris

      Spoon or hat?

    • Shadow Soulless

      This is the moment Dalton ruined Apollo's brain….. He said hat while holding a spoon in the cognitive dissonance exploded Apollo's brain leading to Apollo's descent into madness where he holds a conversation with himself about water…… Where shall this story lead

    • black_Ninja

      Just gotta love how birbtuber influence eachother 😂

    • ysmithriley

      Apollo is gonna be confused when you teach him SPOON 🥄

    • Priya Dharmasena

      That's not a hat
      But I want a hat.

    • Polycatmagic 12

      I have that spoon! Er… Hat, I guess

    • Jarl of Swot

      The birb in the hat?

    • Mary Ann Lay Lanzon

      Get him a cowboy hat

    • Jeanette LeBarron

      Will you eventually put a hat on him?

    • todomo

      bro has disney princess eyelashes

    • Matthew Ryan

      Iago: I don’t know why, but I feel validated.

    • Daisy Kwan

      So 🥰 cute, can I hug hug Apollo 😘😘

    • Hazel Nutcase

      That hat doesn't make sense to me. It's spoon on head, wood on head, touch head.

    • liane fehrle

      That is a spoon dude. It confuses me I think it would you too unless is is an action but what kind of action?

    • Zereth Games

      Apollo be like nope!

    • thehuman

      meet the spy

    • Carline Seiser

      "Hat" and "hate" are pretty close. I can say I hate it, if somebody is touching my head. When he calls a spoon a hat in the future you have to give him at least a pistachio. 🎩😉

    • Still Here

      Hat is only hate without the e, as in, “I hat when he puts that thing on my head.”

    • ferretyluv

      But now he’s going to think spoons are hats now. It’s going to be hard to unlearn that.

    • The Weird and the Wonderful

      Imagine Apollo responding
      "That is a spoon, sir."

    • Ann M

      He's going to want a sock to go with that hat.. 🤔

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