Perfect spot to look at the little fishes. No Apollo’s allowed.

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    20 replies to "Soleil's Spot 🤫"

    • Phương Lê

      So cutes & Lindo

    • X X

      Gute Birb's!
      …i could never tell the difference between those two…

    • Blah Blah

      We need more content of ophelia and soleil

    • Michelle Smith

      If she but had a piece of chalk….

    • Philip Karlsson

      Wonderful birds! Does Soleil get her name from Chris Marker’s film?

    • Lenilton Sim

      No passado a igreja católica fez várias atrocidades em nome de Deus, pesquisa sobre o museu da abolição

    • ade sias

      Ils sont vraiment adorables ces 2 petits caiques !

    • Snaked

      Geh ma Socke?

    • Deborah Fritze

      Soleil not soldier this changes words on it’s own

    • Deborah Fritze

      Soldier and Ophelia are just to cute and the little pitter patter of their feet is adorable

    • Lawrence Jensen

      X marks the spot.

    • Alteria

      Her making tongue clicking noises!!! Clearly this means your supposed to come with her!

    • Shinobi the Cat

      The colours are just awesome! Beautiful birds! 😊

    • Pamela Johnson

      Cute cute cute, I love it.❤❤❤

    • Pinky Hc

      Smart girl! So cute 🙂

    • Sharik Rahat Ruslan

      What bird species is it?

    • Robin Enoch

      I LOVE their little feet sound like they are "river dancing " 🤣🤣…ADORABLE

    • Joanne Murdock

      What adorable cuties🥰💕💜💙🙏🙏🙏

    • Cindy Stechschulte

      I love how Soleiil turns her head sideways… like "yep" "this is my pad Don't cross this line" I'm still cute though. Right?

    • Smug Boi

      it's a nice spot, I gotta say

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