Ophelia is oblivious to her sisters plight.

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    16 replies to "Sister, Help Me 🦁"

    • vanessak69

      Well, Soleil has clearly a bad influence on Ophelia. Time to separate them 😂

    • 🍔PoofyPuppy1999🌭

      Long live the queen

    • Monica Clark

      Finally! Somebody did!

    • mamta negi

      How to get adhesive perch??

    • Jack Silverson

      "Lonnnng Live the G L A S S"

    • Jenny

      Help me sis I'm stuck

    • Josephine Miller

      Cute bird family

    • ysmithriley

      Ophelia said she waiting for Soleil to ask her for help❗🥰🥰🤣🤣

    • Carole Hankinson

      Well done with the pull-ups, I can't do one. Beautiful birds. 👌❤️🇬🇧, as well as Apollo. ❤️

    • Frozenfan 1965

      “Nah….it’s more fun watching to see if she’ll make it”.

    • Eric MARTY

      Heyyyyy sister, please 😌🙏🏼 😅

    • Here For The Comments

      Ophelia: Apollo… what have you done???

    • LiyahCreatives

      Y u just let it suffer.

    • Baskerville Bee


    • green dragon 💚🐲

      Thanks Dad, can't believe my sister bailed on me

    • Ana Ferreira


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