Ophelia is oblivious to her sisters plight.

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    16 replies to "Sister, Help Me 🦁"

    • Shaw Lork

      I guarantee he is at one with himself

    • Eris

      The moment that inspired The Band to write Ophelia. "Opheeeelia…. Where have you gone?" 🎶

    • Jackson Ashworth

      "Long live the Queen……"

    • CaspenChaos


    • Gloria Stiehl

      These caiques are so adorable!!🦜🦜🧡🧡💚💚🥰🥰💛💛💕💕❣️❣️

    • Rae Jae

      She’s working out, chin ups, getting buffed 💪

    • solarprogeny

      it's funny to call a female bird Soleil since it's a masculine noun in French 😅

    • MrUNCLESAM84

      how could you tell the difference?

    • Tiny Otaku

      I love their names. 😊

    • Gosh Dang

      Birdo doing chin ups

    • 343 Innocent

      "Long live the Queen"


    • Mimi Iannillo

      I had a white bellied Caique

    • Frost Silver

      Awwww help ur sister

    • Kyra

      It's funny how your voice sounds like Apollo's 🤣

    • Solislun

      My real name is solei and I’ve never felt more targeted wtf

    • Kimmy Possible

      There are sanded rolls available that one can wrap around slippery „pipes“ Sontheimern birds can hold onto it better.

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