Caique is Hopping It Off!


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    29 replies to "Silly Caique Is Hopping It Off! #shorts"

    • Loam Ha

      Caique jumping ❤❤❤

    • Scorpio66


    • TomHollandGamming

      Awww my caique use to hop!

    • Sunny and Ashy


    • JF Sebastian

      Lemme see . . . when's the next bird show in my region?? These lil' guys are amazing.


      so adorable

    • GeckoTech Engineer

      Silly weirdo budgerigar

    • 1nf1n1ty

      Love this wicked little man.

    • Kadir Kurt


    • Pippa_and_Petrie

      😂😂😂 Great hops

    • Dēspøzē 🚮


    • Baskerville Bee

      Windup Caique

    • Nancy Cinnomn Bontreger

      Do most Caiques usually like to bite?

    • A Beautiful Life

      Silly silly boy!🦜💓🦜

    • Scorpio66

      😆🤣 He is saying ," YOU want a piece of me , you want a piece of me !!!"❤🤣Adorable 😆

    • Karen Brown

      I want to reach into the mobile phone screen and kiss that little tum tum. Love him so much! 💚💛🧡🤍

    • Diana Mcbride

      so cute 😍

    • Maureen Drozda

      Caiques LOVE To HOP More Than Any Bird I've EVER Seen!!! They Are So Funny & Entertaining!!

    • Aiden Rodriguez

      OMG SO CUTE❤

    • Patty

      Hops like a toy.😊❤️

    • Calle Q

      Omg he looks like a plastic toy you wind up! 😂😂❤❤

    • di


    • Yunfei81

      xD I love the caique hopping in general or when they do their angry marching. Shame it's not really cute, but aggressive behavior – if I understood correctly? They shouldn't grow up, like, at all! 😀

    • Nitzy Black

      I love it 😂. My son had a wind-up toy that hopped exactly like this 😄

    • Cathy

      So cute😂❤

    • Patricia Abate

      He’s just like those wind up toys!! ❤️💓

    • Serenity Butterfly

      I love him! I have one named coco, and she is just full of energy ✨️

    • Wilma L

      Soooo cute!! 🥰🥰🥰🥰

    • Vallarie Grassel

      Love it….. he's to cute i said b4, I absolutely love that hopping

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