Teddy performs his shower singing ritual.

    14 replies to "shower concert starring Teddy the caique"

    • Monika Lidzba

      Sweety birdy

    • Sunflowava

      What a happy joyful birdie 💗


      Perfect bathroom singer ❤️🤣

    • Cjak

      My caique Milo loves watching Teddy, thanks for the video. ❤

    • HussainjrMalik

      Made my day 🙂 So happy im getting a Caique in a month or two

    • David Morse Music

      Geez he's more in tune than most viola players.

    • DRL

      What a beautiful sound! I love coming back to this video 😊❤️❤️❤️

    • Paul

      I also like to sing in the shower. Thanks, that was magical

    • DRL

      Love it so so cute ❤️❤️❤️

    • DRL


    • Nabo42

      dis birb has words for you

    • PJ Pix

      Our Caique was trying to kiss Teddy on the monitor. I think she likes his singing!

    • J M

      I am singing in the rain,just singing in the rain…..😂

    • Izabel Cristina Camargo Guimarães


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